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Finally in rotation: A great new 4-CD set of Anthony Braxton works, played by groups that include some local jazz/improv veterans. The compositions are in Braxton's "Ghost Trance" mode, with lots of strong beats representing kind of a primitive tribal feel -? but plenty of composed "stumbles," so it's not strictly repetitious. And some nice sax soloing over the whole thing. Very nice set of CDs -- bright, energetic stuff along the lines of minimalists (Phillip Glass, John Adams) but much more bright, energetic, and fun.

Other great new finds: The Roscoe Mitchell CD is awesome, as is everything that Pi Recordings has put out so far. In coming weeks we'll be playing their new Wadada Leo Smith CD as well as a trio of ex-Bay Area folks called Fieldwork.

Jason Moran is my favorie of the "young lions" of the '00s. Creative twisty piano that isn't afraid of complexity.

Lastly -- last Wednesday was the birthday of the late Doug Sahm of the Sir Douglas Quintet. Eugene Chadbourne has a blues album out on Boxholder that's a bit of a Sahm tribute, so I figured I'd toss a track of that into the mix (plus, it's a good album anyway, one that I even played last week).


* Jason Moran -- "Planet Rock" -- Modernistic (Blue Note, 2002)

* Kahil El'Zabar Trio -- "The Ebullient Duke" -- Love Outside of Dreams (Delmark, 2002)

* Anthony Braxton -- "Composition No. 286 (Tentet)" [excerpt from CD1, disc 1] -- Six Compositions (GTM) 2001 (Rastascan / Limited Sedition / Barely Auditable, 2002)

* Eugene Chadbourne -- "You Can't Hide a Redneck" -- Texas Sessions, Chapter Two (Boxholder, 2002)

* Lol Coxhill and Veryan Weston -- "The Second Duet of Worms" -- Worms Organising Archdukes (Emanem, 2002)

* Rob Mazurek -- "Cloth and Bells Cut 3:16-3:44, 4 Seconds of Silence. I have separated nothing and doubled my heart" -- Silver Spines (Delmark, 2002)

* Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory -- "The Inside of a Star" -- Song for My Sister (Pi Recordings, 2002)

* Ned Rothenberg -- "One Little World" -- Intervals (Einstein, 2002)

* Roscoe Mitchell and the Note Factory -- "Song for My Sister" -- Song for My Sister (Pi Recordings, 2002)

* Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra -- "B" -- Electro-Magnetic Trans-Personal Orchestra (Pax, 2002)

* Peter Brotzmann Chicago Tentet Plus Two -- "Broken English" -- Broken English (Okka Disk, 2002)

* Michel Wintsch, Gerry Hemingway, Banz Oester -- "La Foule (Que Ndie Sepa Mi Sufrir)" -- Open Songs (Altri Suoni, 2002)

Francisco Mayer and Sessions -- "When I Walk with You" -- When I Walk with You (self-released, 2002)

* Carei Thomas Feel Free Ensemble -- "The Awestruck Waters of Antiquity" -- Mining Our Bid'ness (Roaratorio, 2002)

* The Focus Quintet -- "Acknowledgements" -- 1-8 in 1 (Sachimay, 2002)

* David S. Ware Quartet -- [Part 1] -- Freedom Suite (AUM Fidelity, 2002)

* Anthony Braxton -- "Composition No. 286 (Tentet)" [different excerpt] -- Six Compositions (GTM) 2001 (Rastascan / Limited Sedition / Barely Auditable, 2002)

* Jason Moran -- "Planet Rock Postscript" -- Modernistic (Blue Note, 2002)

* Christophe Berthet and Vinz Vonlanthen -- "British" -- Effet Papillon (Unit, 2002)

* Nicolas Masson -- "Phoenix" -- Awake (Altri Suoni, 2002)

* Brad Mehldau -- "Paranoid Android" [yes, the Radiohead song] -- Largo (Warner Bros., 2002)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
! = Pop/World music anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library

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