Friday, May 27th, 2005 ... 6:00 a.m. - noon ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

A long and crazy day, subbing for Fo ("No Cover, No Minimum") and Riina ("Distraction Limited"). Tried to spin Fo's usual mix of world, jazz, and blues -- and also played this week's installment of the 2004 Chicago Jazz and Blues Festival recordings, which Fo had arranged to play on his show during the spring and summer.

One lucky break is that we've got an hour-long jazz documentary in rotation right now, something Byrd of Paradise (our resident blues director) had pushed for airplay. Came in handy as far as filling time goes.

Then Riina's show -- which I had to fill in with long tracks in order to meet other commitments. Luckily, Riina is into noisy and strange stuff, giving me a chance to promo Moe! Staiano's upcoming concerts and to play a jazz documentary soundtrack that Byrd Of Paradise (Saturday blues DJ) managed to procure for us.


-- 6:00 a.m.: No Cover, No Minimum --

* Joko Purwanto -- "Lebaran" -- V/A: Gamelan from Central Java (Arc, 2004)

* Ustad Vilayat Khan -- "Raga Marwa: Alap" -- Raga Marwa, Raga Puriya, Raga Sohini (India Archive Music, 2004)

* Ladysmith Black Mambazo & Eco -- "Jabulani - Rejoice/Homeless" -- No Boundaries (Heads Up, 2005)

-- 7:00 a.m. --

Count Basie Centennial Tribute with Clark Terry, Frank Wess, Buddy DeFranco, and others ... a 1-hour program taken from the 2004 Chicago Jazz Festival, presented by WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio.

-- 8:00 a.m. --

* Normand Guilbeault Ensemble -- "Pithecanthropus Erectus" -- Mingus Erectus (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2005)

* Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble -- "Curbside Fantasee" -- Hope, Future, and Destiny (Dreamtime, 2005)

* Ted Nash and Odeon -- "Concierto de Aranjuez 2" -- La Espada de la Noche (Palmetto, 2005)

Miles Davis -- "Shh/Peaceful" -- In a Silent Way (Columbia, 1974)

-- 9:00 a.m., extending "No Cover, No Minimum" --

* James Black -- "Guardian of the Groove," an hour-long radio documentary on the jazz/blues drummer, by David Kunian.

-- 10:00 a.m., "Distraction Limited" --

* Crater -- "On the Heal of the Devil" -- Proceed (Cycling '74, 2005)

Elliott Sharp and the Soldier String Quartet -- "Twistmap" -- Cryptid Fragments (Extreme, 1993)

? Moe! Staiano's Moe!kestra! -- "Conducted Improvisation Piece No. 4" -- Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations (Dephine Knormal/Pax/Edgetone, 2002)

* Circle -- "Teraskylpy" -- Guillotine (Scratch, 2005)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
! = Pop anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library

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