Friday, June 24th, 2005 ... 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

Had the privilege of interviewing Myra Melford last week, and played the recording on today's show. Very pleasant experience, and Myra's got some great stories to tell.

Today's interview was in preparation for her appearances tonight and tomorrow in San Francisco. She'll be a participant in Three Drops of Blood VI, the latest in a quarterly program put on by Nanos Operetta, a local modern-classical troupe. TDoB mixes music, dance and performance for a different brew each quarter; this weekend's performances include Myra on harmonium (it's like a big accordion, to oversimplify) with dancer Fay Simpson, both of them improvising.

Myra's best known as a pianist, as she came on the scene as the leader of an exciting, crackling trio with Lindsay Horner on bass and Reggie Nicholson on drums. She's branched out nicely, now leading a few different bands that explore twisty inside-out jazz territory.

Our interview got plenty of mileage from the harmonium topic, though, as it's relatively new ground for Myra and led to her eventually getting a grant to study music in India. Check the bio on her Web site for details. Myra says she's got more Bay Area gigs in the works for September 2005, so keep an eye out for those.


* Myra Melford/The Tent -- "Everything Today" -- Where the Two Worlds Touch (Arabesque, 2004)

* Scott Amendola Band -- "Oladipo" -- Believe (Cryptogramophone, 2005) Glider -- "Floating Fleeting" -- With Ocean Between (Where Are My Records, 2001) * Chicago Luzern Exchange -- "Two of Three" -- Several Lights (Delmark, 2005)

* Chicago Luzern Exchange -- "Five Handfuls" -- Several Lights (Delmark, 2005)

* Marc Ribot -- "Spirits" -- Spiritual Unity (Pi Recordings, 2005)

*! Psychograss -- "Stroll of the Mudbug" -- Now Hear This (Adventure Music, 2005)

* Drew Gress -- "Low Slung, High Strung" -- 7 Black Butterflies (Premonition, 2005)

* Wolfgang Fuchs Sextet -- "An Illegible Memory" -- Six Fuchs (Rastascan, 2004)

-- 4:00 p.m. --

* Myra Melford's Crush -- "Dance Beyond the Color" -- Dance Beyond the Color (Arabesque, 2000)
* Myra Melford Trio -- "Frank Lloyd Wright Goes West to Rest" -- Jump (Enemy, 1990)

* William Parker Quartet -- "Poem for June Jordan" -- Sound Links (AUM Fidelity, 2005) Third Person -- "The Deciding Machine" -- The Bends (Knitting Factory, 1991) * Fred Lonberg-Holm -- "Arnold Layne" -- Other Valentines (Atavistic, 2005) * Scott Rosenberg, Jim Baker, Anton Hatwich, Tim Daisy -- "Sweating Vertebrae Superior Cathedrals" -- New Folk, New Blues (482 Music, 2005) Myra Melford -- "Changes I & II" -- The Same River Twice (Gramavision, 1996)

-- 5:00 p.m. --

Myra Melford interview, part 1

Myra Melford -- "Be Bread" -- Unreleased demo

Myra Melford interview, part 2

* Myra Melford/The Tent -- "No News at All" -- Where the Two Worlds Touch (Arabesque, 2004)

Myra Melford interview, part 3

* Myra Melford/The Tent -- "Where the Ocean Misquotes the Sky" -- Where the Two Worlds Touch (Arabesque, 2004)

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