Tuesday, May 2, 2006 ... 9:45 p.m. - 12:15 a.m. ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

Emergency sub session for The Bawd of Euphony, whose "Lick My Moody Guitar" show is a highlight of the KZSU schedule. The Bawd plays a variety of guitar-related music, from plaintive acoustic singer/songwriters to cryptic electric artsy noodling. He closed out his show with The Beatles' "I Want You" and the Notekillers track (which I'm listing here as the start of my shift).

Me, I was badly sleep-deprived and had been looking forward to turning in early this night. But I couldn't resist the chance to finally, at long last, sub for The Bawd (he has a terrible knack for needing subs on weeks when I'm out of town -- dude, stop that!). My plan had been to lead off with long, artsy, time-eating pieces (Seth Josel, listed near the bottom, was at the top of the list) ... but that Notekillers track got my blood pumping. Inspired, I did my best to run with it, keeping the rock alive for as long as I could.

Because I improvise my shows, a rock show is particularly terrifying. During my regular show, one "set" (three or four songs) gives me 20-30 minutes to plan what's coming next. That's because I play artsy jazz stuff; when you're dealing with three-minute rock songs, you're continually walking the plank. It's a rush. But if I have to do it more than, say, twice in a quarter, I'll take the time to pre-plan large chunks of a show.


* Notekillers -- "Airport" -- Airport + Ants (D1st, 2006)

* Saws -- "Return to Whatever" -- Saws (In Tone, 2005) ? Medications -- "Pills" -- Your Favorite People All in One Place (Dischord, 2005)
-- 10:00 p.m. --

Parts and Labor -- [untitled track 3] -- Live at KZSU (Outer A, 2004)

Metallux -- "Sunny Krakow" -- Victim of Space (5RC, 2006)

Electrelane -- "Suitcase" -- Axes (Too Pure, 2005)

* The Works -- "Speak Your Mind" -- The Works (Subliminal Sounds, 2005)
MC5 -- "Starship" -- Kick Out the Jams (Elektra; orig. released 1969)

* Tokyo Electron -- "Electrify Me" -- Tokyo Electron (Empty, 2005)

* Banditas -- "Mirrors" -- Banditas (Last Drag, 2005)

Sparks -- "At Home, At Work, At Play" -- Propaganda (Island, 1974)

Robert Pollard -- "Dancing Girls and Dancing Men" -- From a Compound Eye (Merge, 2006) * The Flakes -- "Talk About You" -- Back to School (Dollar Record Records, 2005) Herb Heinz -- "Attitude" -- Another (Is Too, 2004)

-- 11:00 p.m. --

Amy X. Neuburg and Men -- "Naked Puppets" -- Sports! Chips! Booty! (Racer, 1995)

? Steven Mackey with the Boston Modern Orchestral Project -- "San Francisco" -- Banana/Dump Truck (Albany, 2005) * Tarantella -- "Un Ano de Amor" -- Esqueletos (Alternative Tentacles, 2005) * Clogs -- "Beating Stick" -- Stick Music (Brassland, 2005) Seth Josel -- "Guitar Too, for Four" by Phill Niblock [excerpt] -- Go Guitars (OO Discs, 1998) ? Jim Black and Alas No Axis -- "Let It Down" -- Habyor (Winter & Winter, 2004) Marc Ducret -- "Dialectes" -- L'ombra Di Verdi (Screwgun, 1999) * Cosmologic -- "Blacon: Beyond the Divide" -- III (Circumvention, 2005)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
! = Pop anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library

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