Friday, February 16th, 2007 ... 3:20 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

Delayed start due to Stanford baseball.

Devoted a HUGE chunk of the show to artists who are playing in town during the coming week. I often do that, but this particular week, there was just a ton going on. This is one of the few times when I actually planned out a show -- that is, I didn't select specific tracks, but I played the artists roughly in sequence (starting with those performing tonight, then working through the week), which put an interesting constraint on the show. I enjoy that kind of arrangement once in a while.

Anyway, everything from Mark Dresser on down was chosen that way. Either they're artists performing during the following seven days, or artists really similar in concept to what was coming up. (To represent Mills College's annual Signal Flow festival, for example, I spun a couple of local artists associated with Mills.)

Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

* Mark Helias/Open Loose -- "What Up" -- Atomic Clock (Radio Legs, 2006)

* Bang on a Can/Don Byron -- "Eugene" [Part III] -- A Ballad for Many (Cantaloupe, 2006) * Bang on a Can/Don Byron -- "Integrity" -- A Ballad for Many (Cantaloupe, 2006)

* Sean Noonan/Brewed by Noon -- "Connection" -- Stories to Tell (Songlines, 2006)

* Ellery Eskelin -- "Like I Say" -- Quiet Music (Prime Source, 2006>

* Kris Davis -- "Bloodwine" -- The Slightest Shift (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2006)

* DB Boyko, Christine Duncan, Jean Martin -- "Turrun" -- Idiolalla (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2006) * Brian Groder and the Sam Rivers Trio -- "Involution" -- Torque (Latham, 2006)

-- 4:00 p.m. --

* Steve Lacy Quintet -- "Esteem" -- Esteem (Atavistic, 2006; recorded 1975)

* Kidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, William Parker -- "Peppermint Falls" -- Palm of Soul (AUM Fidelity, 2006)

Mark Dresser -- "Trains" -- Invocation (Knitting Factory, 1995)

Ganelin Trio -- "It's Too Good To Be Jazz" -- Encores (Leo Records, 1994; recorded 1978) Mark Dresser -- "Flocus" -- Force Green (Soul Note, 1995)
! The Octopus Project -- "The Way Things Go" -- Identification Parade (Peek-a-Boo, 2002) Edmund Welles: The Bass Clarinet Quartet -- "Asmodeus: The Destroyer, King of the Demons" -- Agrippa's 3 Books (Zeroth Law, 2005)

Yoshida Brothers -- "Hyakka Ryouran" -- Yoshida Brothers (Domo, 2003)

Axolotl -- [untitled track 2] -- Axolotl (Psych-o-Path, 2004) Yoshida Brothers -- "Kagero" -- Yoshida Brothers II (Domo, 2004)
Climax Golden Twins -- [Untitled tracks 8, 9, 10] -- Impreial Household Orchestra (Scratch/Trackshun, 1996) Cheryl E. Leonard -- "De-ai" -- V/A: The Lab 20th Anniversary CD (The Lab, 2004)

Now, how's this for a bill: Dos (two basses) and Good for Cows (bass plus drums). Nice choice by the Hemlock Tavern.

Dos -- "Number Seven" -- Justamente Tres (Kill Rock Stars, 1996)

Good for Cows -- "Chickenshit" -- Good for Cows (Evander, 2001?) Dos -- "Dream of San Pedro" -- Justamente Tres (Kill Rock Stars, 1996) Good for Cows -- "The Whopper" -- Bebop Fantasy (Asian Man, 2005?) Dos -- "Taking Away the Fire" -- Dos (New Alliance, 1986)
* Bobby Previte -- "Anthem for Andrea" -- The Coalition of the Willing (Ropeadope, 2005) Marco Eneidi, William Parker, Donald Robinson -- "Slashing the Bird" -- Cherry Box (Eremite, 2000)
Marco Eneidi, William Parker, Donald Robinson -- "Slashing the Bird" [cont'd]

-- 6:00 p.m.

The Flying Luttenbachers -- "Number Three" -- Revenge (ugEXPLODE, 1996)

Kyaw Kyaw Naing -- "Enchanting Lake of the Elephant" -- Drum Circle of Burma (Shanachie, 1998)

* Tomoe-Ryu Yutakadaiko -- "Chichibuyatai/Bayashi" Japanese Drums (Arc, 2007)
John Raskin -- [Untitled improv, solo alto sax] -- Music + One (Rastascan, 2005) Kris Tiner and Mike Baggetta -- "Second Preference" -- There, Just As You Look for It (pfMentum, 2005) Phillip Greenlief and Scott Amendola -- "Spunk" -- Collect My Thoughts (Nine Winds, 1995)

Every year, Mills College puts on Signal Flow, a festival of new works by the school's graduate students, presented across three or four evening programs. Almost by definition, we don't have CDs from these students, so instead I trotted out some local electronics/noise folks, as it's the kind of stuff I expect to hear for at least part of Signal Flow. Payne and Bischoff, I later learned, teach at Mills.

Maggi Payne -- "Lab Fountain" -- V/A: The Lab 20th Anniversary CD (The Lab, 2004)

John Bischoff/Tim Perkis -- "Next Tone, Please" [excerpt] -- Artifical Horizon (Artifact, 1989) Compomicro-Dexall -- [Untitled 23 min. piece, excerpt] -- Live at Beanbender's 1998 (self-released, 1999)

Badland -- "Nissa" [excerpt] -- The Society of the Spectacle (Emanem, 2005)

? Jessica Lurie Ensemble -- "For a Thousand Kisses" -- !ZIPA BUKA! Watch Out, Noise! (self-released, 2002)

? Jessica Lurie Ensemble -- "Z.I.P.A." -- !ZIPA BUKA! Watch Out, Noise! (self-released, 2002)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
! = Pop anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library

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