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Max Roach passed away this week at the age of 83, one of the last jazz greats surviving from that golden age of the 1950s. At one point, upon realizing that so many of these guys were leaving this world during my lifetime, I somehow pegged Max as the one I'd make sure to go see, so I could experience and appreciate one of these world-changing artists on their own terms. I never did. On the plus side, I did manage to see Sam Rivers, who was still kicking and clawing into his '80s.

Sorry we never got to meet, Max. On the other hand, I think I managed to present, in this show, some sides of your music that aren't getting much attention in all the other tributes on the air. Thanks go to David Bug, who spent 5 hours on the air earlier this day playing nothing but Roach-related music, and who left "Ghost Dance" for me to kick things off here.

Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

Max Roach -- "Ghost Dance (Part 1)" [excerpt] -- To the Max! (Bluemoon, 1991)

Ken Vandermark Sound in Action -- "Top Shelf (for Max Roach)" -- Design in Time (Delmark, 1999)

* David Rogers Sextet -- "Mobius Trip" -- The World Is Not Your Home (Jumbie, 2007)

* Tripwire -- "Invisible Rays" -- Looking in My Ear (Creative Sources, 2006) * Ned Rothenberg -- "Minutia" -- Inner Diaspora (Tzadik, 2007)
* The Claudia Quintet -- "Rug Boy" -- For (Cuneiform, 2007) Tom Djll -- "Feedbop" -- Solo Mutootator (Artstar, 2002) * Enrico Pieranunzi, Marc Johnson, Joey Baron -- "Tokyo Reflections" -- Live in Japan (Cam Jazz, 2007)
-- 4:00 p.m. --

Max Roach with the Boston Percussion Ensemble -- "Evolution" -- Max Roach with the Boston Percussion Ensemble (Mercury, 1959)

* Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel -- "The Populous" -- Son of Gunnar, Ton of Shel (Edgetone, 2007)

* Ziya Tabassian -- "Varashan" -- Tombak (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2007) *! Upsilon Acrux -- "Who's Running Shit (Son of Destiny's Child)" -- Galapagos Momentum (Cuneiform, 2007) * David S. Ware -- "Saturnian" -- Renunciation (AUM Fidelity, 2007)

Ravish Momin's Trio Tarana -- "Weeping Statue" -- Climbing the Banyan Tree (Clean Feed, 2007)

-- 5:00 p.m. --

! Frank Zappa -- "It Must Be a Camel" -- Hot Rats (Reprise, 1969)

* ARC Trio -- "Triptych Mirror" -- Triptych Mirror (Circumvention, 2006)

Max Roach with Abdullah Ibrahim -- "Consanguinity" -- Streams of Consciousness (Piadrum, 2003; recorded 1977)

* Zero Point -- "Tune Q" -- Plays Albert Ayler (Ayler, 2007)

Max Roach Double Quartet -- "Bright Moments" -- Bright Moments (Soul Note, 1987)

Max Roach -- "Maximum" -- V/A: Disques Vogues: In Paris (BMG, 2003; orig. released 1949)

Dan Plonsey -- "Five of the Apples" -- Music of El Cerrito Vol. 1: Daniel Popsicle Plays Dan Plonsey (self-released, 2001)

? Weasel Walter Quartet -- "Revolt" -- Revolt Music (ugEXPLODE, 2006)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
! = Pop anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library

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