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My trip to New York went well. I did get to throw money at Downtown Music Gallery and visit The Stone, John Zorn's bare-bones music venue on the Lower East Side.

It's a surprisingly elegant place, a small room with lots of cheap but new chairs, and elegant inset light fixtures in the black ceiling. No photography allowed. I had only one night to visit there, so I went down to see Brooklyn guitarist Matt Munisteri in what turned out to be the second most "square" show ever at The Stone. (His words; he said he'd also played on the most square show.) [If the Munisteri link is broken, check this out.]

Munisteri favors old-time jazz -- you know, the jaunty, banjo-driven 1920s stuff, including some "hot club" songs and some backwoods country/folk numbers. And for this show, he trotted out songs from forgotten old-time jazzster Willard Robison -- a man who apparently wrote some hits for Bing Crosby and the like, but never had his own music or bands committed to LP records. NEVER. Munisteri, after developing an obsession with Robison's work, had to dig up the original music on 78s.

Great set, overall. Munisteri performed with Brock Mumford, his regular band featuring trumpet and accordion.

Robison's lyrics were often deep and heartbreaking, sometimes fun, almost always with religious tones. What was interesting was the music -- old-timey, yes, but Robison tossed in some touches that I don't recall hearing from that era. Unexpected twists in the bassline, or the outright weird chord in the title line of "The Devil Is Afraid of Music." Biggest surprise was the song "Tain't so," an oft-recorded classic that ends with a three-chord dirge that Yes stumbled onto for the end of "Starship Trooper!" It goes B major / G major / E major, at least in the key I know, and it's played slowly as a backdrop for some great soloing. According to Munisteri, Robison would have his big band play that section with multiple basses bowing the notes for a deep, powerful sound that must have been quite unusual for its time.

Munisteri writes and records his own stuff, but he's been taking the Robison songbook on the road, and you figure there's got to be a chance that a studio date could happen someday. Some of these songs apparently never made it to LP, let alone CD -- they're only on old 78s.

I did manage to track down a Robison song, one of the more famous ones, for this program. (It's easy, using the "Find It!" link in our database. Other than that, I might have to look up Munisteri's own CD and wait for the day that Robison project hits the studio.

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* Chicago Underground Trio -- "Resistance" -- Chronicle (Delmark, 2007)

* Jon Raskin Quartet -- "African Tulip" -- Jon Raskin Quartet (Rastascan, 2007)

* Monk's Music Trio -- "Brake's Sake" -- Monk on Mondays (CMB, 2007) * Han Bennik Amplfied Trio -- "AT 4" -- Amplified Trio (Treader, 2007)

Michel Doneda, Urs Leimbruger, Keith Rowe -- "The Third Part" [excerpt] -- The Difference Between a Fish (Potlatch, 2002)

* Mrafi -- "Solo (B)" -- La Terra di Giubba (Rai Trade, 2006) * Brian Allen, Tony Malaby, Tom Rainey -- "Tageshif" -- Synapse (Braintone, 2006)

* Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra -- "Hat and Beard" -- Out to Lunch (Doubt, 2007)

-- 4:00 p.m. --

*! Ovipositor -- "'...We're Hermits...'" -- Pirate Flag at Half-Mast (Arbeit Macht Dinge, 2007)

The Enriquillo Winds -- "Exotica" -- Melodia Para Congas (Mapleshade, 1997) * Sun Ra -- "Sunrise in Different Dimensions" -- Sunrise in Different Dimensions (Hatology, 2001; recorded 1980)

? Enten Eller and Tim Berne -- "13/7" -- Auto da Fe (Splasch(H), 2001)

* David Torn -- "Transmit Regardless" -- Prezens (ECM, 2007)
* Charles Sudbury, composer -- "Funerary Suite No. 4: Introduction and March" -- Babcotte, Sudbury and Eaton: The English School of Funerary Violin (Guild of Funerary Violinists, 2006?) * Han Bennik Amplfied Trio -- "AT 5" -- Amplified Trio (Treader, 2007)

* Bruce Eisenbeil Sextet -- "Triple Astral Texture" -- Inner Constellation, Volume One (Nemu, 2007)

* Pandelis Karayorgis Trio - "Liptowthreea" -- Carameluia (Ayler, 2007)

-- 5:00 p.m. --

? Fausto Romitelli [composer] -- "Professor Bad Trip, Lesson 3" -- Professor Bad Trip (Cypres, 2003)

Thomas DiMuzio -- "Sone Sewn Blue" -- Mono::Poly (Asphodel, 2002) VyL8 -- "Reformatorium" -- V/A: Women Take Back the Noise (Ubuibi, 2006) * Melanie Auclair -- "Dessine Moie du Temps" -- Decore Sonore (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2006)

Tete Montoliu -- "Old Folks" -- The Music I Like To Play, Vol. 1 (Soul Note, 1987)

Collective 4Tet -- "For Emmanuel" [excerpt] -- Live at Crescent (Leo Records, 1998)

* Kahil El'Zabar Infinity Orchestra -- "Speaking in Tongues" -- Transmigration (Delmark, 2007)

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! = Pop anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library

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