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This blog posting from Steve Smith's excellent "Night After Night" (which lets folks like me live the NYC music scene vicariously) has me inspired to try to make a bigger deal out of the reunion of Tim Berne's Bloodcount. This is the exact band that really catalyzed my interest in creative music, after all.

A Bloodcount song feels like traversing a deep forest, or tracing the arc of an epic tale. These are novels, framed by a composition and predetermined structure, with improvising filling in the gaps. As with any good musical group, the permutation of players is crucial; I can't imagine Bloodcount being Bloodcount if a substitute sat in for Speed, Black, or Formaek, or if one were missing. I have to admit the band works very well without Marc Ducret on guitar -- nothing against his playing, which was excellent on the three original CDs, but like Smith, I've come to think of Ducret as a special guest rather than a regular. Besides, he's been involved in several other Berne bands over the years.

I'd like to play a Bloodcount song every week, probably around 4:00, to celebrate. Song length is going to be a problem, though. They've got several 10- and 15-minute tracks, which wouldn't be anomalous for my playlists, but some of the more powerful pieces run 30 or 40 minutes, and Memory Select, the CD from which I stole my radio show's title, has a track clocking in at 51:20.

While I don't relish the idea of squeezing the new and local music into a smaller percentage of the show, I'm probably still going to do this. Maybe I'll get tired of it before January is out, who knows.

Bloodcount is playing at Joe's Pub on Feb. 3, then in Baltimore on Feb. 9 and Philadelphia on Feb. 10.

Of note this week:

  • The return of Larry Ochs' Sax and Drumming Core
  • ROVA's got something new
  • New piano music from local folks Scott Looney and Jess Rowland
  • Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte complete the Groundtruther trilogy
  • Myra Melford and Marty Ehrlich together again
  • Weird pop
  • Format:
    Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

    ! Cosmic Invention -- "Ryujin" -- Help Your Satori Mind (The Now Sound, 1997?)

    ! Three Piece Combo -- "Walk It Off" -- Three Piece Combo (Feast or Famine, 2005)

    * Rudder -- "Squarefoot" -- Rudder (19/8, 2007) * Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra -- "Gazzelloni" -- Out to Lunch (Doubt, 2007)

    * David Slusser and Rubber City -- "Legend of Ornette" -- Trouble in Tiretown (Jazz Excursion, 2007)

    * Basya Schechter -- "Burning Bush" -- Queen's Dominion (Tzadik, 2004) * Alan Pasqua -- "Fast Food" -- The Antisocial Club (Cryptogramophone, 2007)

    * Splatter 3 + N -- "Stare at the Sun" -- Clear the Club (Rastascan, 2007)

    * Dveykes -- "Tibi's Hora" -- New Jewish Downtown Music with a Twist (Global Village, 2006)
    -- 4:00 p.m. --

    * Groundtruther + John Medeski -- "Taipei 101" -- Altitude (Thirsty Ear, 2007)

    Tim Berne's Bloodcount -- "Bloodcount" -- Low Life: The Paris Concert 1 (JMT, 1995)

    * David Torn -- "Bulbs" -- Prezens (ECM, 2007)

    *! Gay Deceivers -- "Heart Vacancy: 'Tongues Hanging Red White Blue out the Window'" -- [untitled demo EP] (self-released, 2007) ? Scott Looney -- "Janus" -- Repercussions (Edgetone, 2007)

    ? Jess Rowland -- "Kotekan Seniman Alam/Waves Fade into the Distance" [excerpt] -- The Shape of Poison (Edgetone, 2007)

    Jess Rowland -- "Self-Adhesive Office Cubes" -- Scenes from the Silent Revolution (Pax, 2005)
    -- 5:00 p.m. --

    * Marty Ehrlich and Myra Melford -- "Blue Delhi" -- Spark! (Palmetto, 2007)

    Conlon Nancarrow -- "No. 21" -- Player Piano 3: Conlon Nancarrow, Volume 2 (MDG Scene, 2006) Alarm Will Sound -- "Cock/Ver 10" -- Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin (Cantaloupe, 2005)

    * Larry Ochs Sax and Drumming Core -- "Neonawi" -- Up from Under (Atavistic, 2007)

    ROVA Saxophone Quartet -- "The Gene Pool" [excerpt] -- Works Vol. 3 (Black Saint, 1999)

    Francis Dhomont -- "Un Autre Printemps" -- Jalons (Empreintes Digitales, 2003)

    Louis Dufort -- "Transit" [excerpt] -- Connexion (Empreintes Digitales, 2000)
    * Jon Hemmersam/Dom Minasi Quartet -- "Birth" -- The Jon Hemmersam/Dom Minasi Quartet (CDM, 2007) Patrick Cress' Telepathy -- "Root Chakra" -- Meditation, Realization (Odd Shaped Case, 2006)

    * Michael Musillami Trio + Mark Feldman -- "Human Conditions" -- The Treatment (Playscape, 2007)

    * = Item in KZSU rotation
    ! = Pop anomaly
    ? = Item not in KZSU library

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