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Previte and the New Bump Early in my explorations of avant-jazz, I got pointed toward Bobby Previte. A kindred soul told me how much he loved the Weather Clear, Track Fast album on Enja; I picked up a copy and was hooked. Previte's sound leans mainstream, but the album showed off a creative composing style, rich jazz delivings, and an awareness of free jazz.

Later, I'd discover Previte's more avant-garde/improv leanings, too, including the two CDs on his own Depth of Field label, both of which feature John Zorn. (Previte's discontinued the label. I recall seeing him quoted that it was just too much work, and I sympathize.)

Previte's since run through multiple bands touching on slightly twisted versions of surf music ("Latin for Travelers"), power-pumped anthem rock ("Coalition of the Willing"), and even funky stuff that veers a little too close to smooth jazz ("Bump").

The New Bump goes for a silky, dark sound, with driven jazz tracks cloaked in a film-noir kind of knowing cool. Bill Ware on vibraphone is responsible for much of the overall sound.

The title track opens things up at a slow pace, but a more aggressive yet breezy sound shows up on tracks like "I'm On To Her" or "Drive South, Along the Canyon," with gentle horn lines conjured up from Blue Note, c.1968. It's a rich, atmospheric session.

The lineup, by the way, is amazing: Ellery Eskelin (sax), Steven Bernstein (trumpet), Brad Jones (bass), Jim Pugliese (percussion), and Previte on drums.

As for today's radio show, things got disjoint in a hurry, as I kept finding pop/rock/other track I wanted to stuff into there. Every week, I walk away wishing I could have played a few more tracks.

Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

* Bennie Maupin Quartet -- "Ours Again" -- Early Reflections (Cryptogramophone, 2008)

* Fredereik Ljungkvist & Yun Kan 5 -- "Oslo" -- Badaling (Caprice, 2008)

* Origami Arktika -- "Fanteguten" -- Trolleboth (Silber, 2007)

* Bobby Previte and the New Bump -- "Drive South, Along the Canyon" -- Set the Alarm for Monday (Palmetto, 2008)
* Fieldwork -- "Balanced" -- Door (Pi Recordings, 2008) ! Les Baxter -- "Quiet Village" -- The Lost Episode (Dionysus, 1995; recorded 195?) * Palo Alto > Klimperei -- "Quelquers Rares Inversions" -- Mondocane (Acidsoxx Musicks, 2008) * Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble -- "Wonder" -- Xenogenesis Suite (Firehouse 12, 2008)

* Mostly Other People Do the Killing -- "Handsome Eddy" -- Shamokin!!! (Hot Cup, 2008)

?! Sparks -- "Strange Animal" --Exotic Creatures of the Deep (Li'l Beethoven, 2008)
-- 4:00 p.m. --

* Trevor Watts and Jamie Haris -- "Tandem Voices" -- Ancestry (Entropy Stereo, 2008)

* Garrison Fewell and Eric Hofbauer -- "Comfort for an Affliction" -- The Lady of Khartoum (Creative Nation, 2008)

! Bhi Bhiman -- "You Gotta Move" -- The Cookbook (Hinju, 2007) * Derek Bailey -- "Stella by Starlight" -- Ballads (Tzadik, 2002)

* Szilard Mezei Quintet -- "Ko" (Stone) -- Cerkno (Leo Records, 2008)

Charlie Hunter Trio -- "Wizard Sleeve" -- Mistico (Fantasy, 2007) Matthew Shipp -- "P X" -- By the Law of Music (Hatology, 1997) Colin Stetson -- [untitled extra track] -- New History Warfare: Volume 1 (Aagoo, 2008)

* Boxdeserter -- "One Abroad" [excerpt] -- Two Revolutions (Edgetone, 2008)

-- 5:00 p.m. --

* Bran(...)Pos -- "Archival Rodeo At The Gambling Hall Of Double Rights And Truths" -- Coin-Op Khepri (C.I.P., 2007)

* Teiji Ito -- "Maeva" (Part 2: Return to Tahiti) -- Music for Maya (Tzadik, 2008; orig. released 1961)

The Bobs -- "Like a Parrot" -- I Brow Club (Rounder, 1997)

Jazz Contemporaries -- "3-M.B." [excerpt] -- Reasons in Tonality (Strata-East, 1972)

The Lost Trio -- "Strange" -- Remembrance of Songs Past Patrick Cress' Telepathy -- "Zum Bolli Boli" -- Meditation, Realization (Odd Shaped Case, 2006)

Tim Berne -- "Twisted/Straight Jacket" -- The Shell Game (Thirsty Ear, 2001)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
! = Pop anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library

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