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Edmund Welles -- Tooth & Claw (Zeroth Law, 2007)

Edmund Welles: 
Tooth & Claw

Metal is a primary influence for Cornelius Boots, leader of the world's only original-composition bass clarinet quartet, but he'll hopefully forgive us for putting his work in the jazz section. Despite the pieces being nearly if not entirely through-composed, there's quite an avant-jazz ring to most of them, probably thanks to the existance of outfits like ROVA.

Boots does list jazz and modern classical musics as influences, too, and Edmund Welles sits at their intersection with metal. Oblique references to mystic and occult figures add to the aura -- it's so fitting that the first CD, Agrippa's 3 Books, had liner notes quoting Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco.

It's not just the influences, though; it's the sound. Four bass clarinets! I love the die-precision raspy rustle of the four instruments playing fast lines in unison (the title track to "Tooth and Claw" has plenty of that), the swooping drama of the low low notes, the jazzy aspirations in the high, screeching solos.

The idea is solid. Touring with it is another matter, as always. EW has included a rotating cast of characters including Aaron Novik, who's been part of several great local jazz bands. For this CD, Boots played all the parts himself.

The album opens with the Persian-inflected "Vector," a catchy and sinewy melody, followed by the title track, which is also engaging and adds some quick-fingered unison work that's probably a real challenge and a real treat to perform live. "Va Larga" adds elements of a Mediterranean serenade, while "The Butcher of Andalusia" brings the fast riffing that made so many tracks shine on Agrippa's 3 Books.

What Boots is doing is certainly original. While there's at least one other bass clarinet quartet in the world, the repertoire for such groups isn't exactly brimming over. And yet, the sound that comes out of them has so much potential -- those deep, rounded low notes that make the bass clarinet so attractive, alongside the high squeals that made the instrument useful in jazz, once players like Eric Dolphy showed what could be done.

Edmund Welles will be opening for Sleepytime Gorilla Museum for a few shows in the coming week, including July 8 at the supposedly haunted Brookdale Lodge and July 10 at the Great American Music Hall.

Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

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-- 4:00 p.m. --

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-- 5:00 p.m. --

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