Friday, October 17th, 2008 ... 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

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Tom Djll was my guest today, talking about "Mockracy," his tour-de-force musical concert, game, play, and interactive multimedia whatchamacallit.

First performed in 2003, Mockracy is back in renewed, 2008-relevant form, for two performances: Oct. 18 and 19 at Oakland Metro, at 630 3rd St. near Jack London Square. (The Web site may list a different address; ignore that.)

About 2 dozen musicians and some singers are organized into factions (House RepuBloods, Senate DemoCrips) with written themes that are first presented to us, then mixed and blasted and improvised. Characters drawn from the political and media worlds show up in various other movements (there's a narrator, too, to keep us, the audience, informed). And finally, cue cards tell the audience when to respond and how -- kind of like the TV does. What you get are groups of musicians, single characters (Djll represents the office of the vice president, for instance), and the audience, all forced to work together under a Djll-handed bureaucracy. Oh, and there's live video being manipulated and shown back to the audience.

You can listen to the interview here, (MP3 file) or at least click that link to download it, depending on how your browser digests MP3 files.

AFTERMATH: I did manage to attend the Saturday show, and it was great. The five groups representing different legislative- or executive-branch coalitions is a really interesting idea, particularly in the "Campaign" phase when they start overriding each other. The "Whisper Campaign" later, representing a leaked rumor that spreads through all the groups, was clever, too. Not everyone in the audience was fully cued into the music, but they did enjoy the cue-card prompts to cheer or boo, and the narration, full of Joycean punnery ("Hell, Burton!") got plenty of laughs.

Inadequate photos posted here.

Also of note this week:

  • Meet Martin & Shaw, from Canada
  • Art Tatum: Man or machine?
  • Kahil El-Zabar kicks it again
  • Vocal jazz, pluses and minuses (see Lindha Kallerdahl, below)

    Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

    * Lindha Kallerdahl -- "Body and Soul" -- Gold (ESP-Disk, 2008)

    * Fire Room -- "Line of Lead" -- Broken Music (Atavistic, 2008)

    * Misha Alperin -- "Frozen Tears" -- Her First Dance (ECM, 2008) The Free Zen Society -- "Surrender" -- The Free Zen Society (Thirsty Ear, 2007) * Matt Ulery's Loom -- "Constant" -- Music Box Ballerina (Woolgathering, 2008)

    * Junk Box -- "Back and Forth" -- Cloudy Then Sunny (Libra, 2008)

    * Graham Reynolds and the Golden Arm Trio -- "The Triumph of Color" -- Cult of Color (Shamrock, 2008)

    * George Schuller's Circle Wide -- "Back to School" -- Like Before, Somewhat After (Playscape,2008)

    * Wayne Horvitz -- "Action 3: Worth of His Food" -- Joe Hill: 16 Actions for Orchestra, Voices, and Soloist (New World, 2008)

    -- 4:00 p.m. --

    *! Chumbawamba -- "Lord Bateman's Motorbike" -- The Boy Bands Have Won (PM/Trade Root, 2008)

    * Francois Carrier, Michel Lambert, Jean-Jacques Avenal -- "Moment" [excerpt] -- Within (Leo Records, 2008)

    * Art Tatum -- "Tatum Pole Boogie" -- Piano Starts Here: Live at the Shrine (Sony, 2008; recorded 1949)

    * Cuong Vu -- "Solitary Confinement" [excerpt] -- Vu-tet (ArtistShare, 2008) * Glass Farm Ensemble -- "Deafening Silence" (composer Peter Hebert) [excerpt] -- In Four (Innova, 2008)

    * Bloom Project -- "Spots" -- Prismatic Season (Edgetone, 2008)

    * bLevin bLechdom -- "Retrice" -- Gular Flutter (Aagoo, 2008) * Yuganaut -- "Running" -- This Musicship (ESP-Disk, 2008) * Jean Martin and Evan Shaw -- "Sweeter Than a Plastic Bag" -- Piano Music (Barnyard, 2007) source:

    Billy Bang -- "Holiday for Flowers" -- Valve No. 10 (Soul Note, 1992)

    * The Giants of Gender -- "Perennial Plant" -- The Giants of Gender (Edgetone, 2008)

    -- 5:00 p.m. --

    * Kahil El-Zabar -- "In the Land of Ooh!" -- Ooh Live! (Katalyst, 2008)

    ROVA Saxophone Quartet/Figure 8 -- "Lg-[S-Db-J]Tv" -- Pipe Dreams (Black Saint, 1994) Tom Djll -- Interview

    * = Item in KZSU rotation
    ! = Pop anomaly
    ? = Item not in KZSU library

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