Friday, December 12th, 2008 ... 3:00 p.m. - 5:50 p.m. ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

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Of note this week:

  • Brinsk speaks.
  • We should all be so lucky at 100.
  • More extended free jazz from Futterman, Levin, and Fielder

    Source: NY Times
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    Mary Halvorson has had a busy year, release-wise. In addition to this, there's a duo CD on Skirl with violinist Jessica Pavone, and an other duo record on ugEXPLODE with Weasel Walter on the drums (haven't listened to that one yet, but it promises to be, um, loud.)

    Source: eMusic
    Dragon's Head is an intriguing mix of lilting jazz guitar and downcast/grumpy indie-rock instrumental. "Momentary Lapse" is a good example. Opening with expansive-feeling guitar sweeps, it eventually delves into post- rock territory, settling on blunt, dissonant chords you'd more likely associate with Rumah Sakit or some similarly angular indie band. And then the Sonic Youth distortion kicks in, and Halvorson is basically pummelling you with sound. Along the way, John Hébert gets a bass solo that makes you feel like you're still in a jazz world, but Ches Smith's drum hammering elsewhere is miles away from any jazz club.

    "One Two Six Four Two Dies" (maybe the title is the new emergency number) has a more properly "jazz" feel to open the record, especially in Smith's drums, but the prickly guitar soloing lets you know the rock and possibly modern-classical influences are stewing under the surface.

    "Screws Loose" has become a favorite track of mine on here. It's a short song that feels like an indie-rock instrumental.

    Like Peter Evans, Halvorson is a relatively new sighting on my horizons. I recall seeing her name on Anthony Braxton sessions, but it's only recently that I've gotten chances to hear her playing. You can find out a little more about her here, and of course, there are the abovementioned records to delve through.

    Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

    Tim Berne -- "Huevos" -- Science Friction Screwgun, 2002)

    * Oliver Lake Organ Trio -- "In Walked John" -- Makin' It (Passin' Thru, 2008)

    * Brinsk -- "Svensfagel" -- A Hamster Speaks (Nowt, 2008)

    * Paul Carlon Octet -- "Yorubonics" -- Roots Propaganda (Deep Tone, 2008) * Oliver Lake Organ Trio -- "Say Girl" -- Makin' It (Passin' Thru, 2008) Lucien Dubuis Trio -- "Insomie" -- Tovorak (Tovorak, 2006)

    * Jean Martin and Evan Shaw -- "Me Softly With His Kill" -- Piano Music (Barnyard, 2007)

    * Mary Halvorson Trio -- "Screws Loose" -- Dragon's Head (Firehouse 12, 2008) * Zehetmair Quartett -- "String Quartet No. 5" [Bartok, 5th mvmt] -- Bela Bartok and Paul Hidemith (ECM, 2008) * Kyron x Griddle -- "Urbis" -- City Made of Teeth (Black Note, 2008) * Mary Halvorson Trio -- "Old Nine Two Six Four Two Dies" -- Dragon's Head (Firehouse 12, 2008)

    -- 4:00 p.m. --

    * Carla Kihlstedt, Gino Robair, Matthew Sperry -- "After Sonarchy" -- Sonarchy 1998 (Majmua, 2008)

    Thollem McDonas -- "Ancient Futures" -- Solo Piano (Pax, 2005) * Mamadou Diabate -- "Douga Mansa" -- Douga Mansa (World Village, 2008) nk. -- "Displacement" -- The Epidemic of Ideas (Thirsty Ear, 2008)
    ? Elliott Carter -- "String Quartet No. 3" [sample excerpt off of YouTube] Elliott Carter -- "Cello Concerto" [Fred Sherry, cello] -- The Music of Elliott Carter, Volume Seven (Bridge, 2007)

    * Rudresh Mahanthappa -- "Snake!" -- Kinsmen (Pi Recordings, 2008)

    -- 5:00 p.m. --

    * New Haven Improvisers Collective -- "Darkmatter" -- Interference (self-released, 2008)

    * Yellowcake -- "You, in My Shadow" -- Yellowcake (Rastascan, 2006) * Paul Shapiro -- "Essen" -- Essen (Tzadik, 2008)

    bLevin bLechdom -- "Avian Enamel..." -- Gular Flutter (Aagoo, 2008)

    * Ron George -- "Gupta Sloka Chand" -- The Floating Bubble (Innova, 2008) * Trio Encompas -- "Small Farmer's Song" -- Trio Encompas (Avant Coast, 2008) * Joel Futterman, Alvin Fielder, Ike Levin Trio -- "Ascendance" [] -- Traveling Through Now (Charles Lester Music, 2008)

    * Frank Lowe -- "In Trane's Name" [excerpt] -- Black Beings (ESP-Disk, 2008; orig. released 1973)

    * = Item in KZSU rotation
    ! = Pop anomaly
    ? = Item not in KZSU library

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