Friday, December 12th, 2008 ... noon - 3:00 p.m. ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

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A pop-driven miscellany show, helping to fill air time during the holidays. Normally I like to play lots of everything with these kinds of shows, but I kind of coasted here; most of these sets could easily fit in my regular show.

The Lost Trio -- Plays the Solid Gold Hits! (Evander, 2008)

The Lost Trio, July 2008,
at Bluesix, San Francisco
It's been about 13 years now that The Lost Trio has been playing together, crafting a deceptively accessible sound that leaves plenty of room for jazzy creativity.

The band, with Phillip Greenlief on sax, Dan Seamans on bass, and Tom Hassett on drums, has made unusual covers its trademark. Yes, you get Thelonious Monk songs and other standards, but their sets also include Hank Williams, Radiohead, Bjork, the Grateful Dead, and even the Beatles.

I normally don't like jazz covers of rock songs. It's possible to stay too slavish to the melody, in a way that hits my ears like muzak. I've accused The Bad Plus of this, even with the layers of glorious bluster and chaos they pile on. (Concession: Their cover of "Iron Man" is pretty damn funny.)

The Lost Trio handles melody with more finesse, and with light drum strokes by Hassett, giving most tunes a jazz-standards feel that doesn't scream, "Look! Here's our hip rock cover!" And of course, it's always a pleasure to hear this kind of inside-out jazz, with an accessible front that's woven with adventurous details.

Their newest album, Plays the Solid Gold Hits!, mines pop territory: Radiohead, REM, Joni Mitchell. I'm not familiar with Juana Molina, but here "Misterio Uruguayo" is on here too. (A CD of hers is in rotation at KZSU now: "reminiscent of a low-key, latin Bjork," our reviewer says.)

When I saw The Lost Trio live, they were playing many of these tracks -- including one that Greelief prefaced by saying we'd all heard it, and we should all be able to guess what it was. I'm sorry to say I didn't get it. In the end, when they suddenly switched to a slow, swaying phrase, familiarity clicked in -- but I still couldn't place it as The Beatles' "Glass Onion." One of my favorite tracks off one of my favorite albums. I'm still very disappointed with myself.

Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

Brand X -- "Church of Hype" -- Trilogy (Buckyball, 2003; orig. released 1992)

* Mogwai -- "The Sun Smells Too Loud" -- The Hawk Is Howling (Matador, 2008)

* Alice Cohen -- "Floating Islands" -- Sky Flowers (Crinoline, 2008)

* Buena Vista Social Club -- "Orgullecida" -- At Carnegie Hall (Nonesuch, 2008) The Cucumbers -- "When I Think of You" -- Total Vegetility (Home Office, 1999)

* Eric Chenaux -- "Love Don't Change" -- Sloppy Ground (Constellation, 2008)

Yellow Magic Orchestra -- "Day Tripper" -- x ∞ Multiplies (A&M, 1980) * Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm -- "Fightin'" -- 2 Man Wrecking Crew (Delta Groove, 2008) Lucien Dubuis Crossover Jazz -- "323" -- Sumo (Altri Suoni, 2001)

Gang of Four -- "Something 99" -- Shrink Wrapped (Castle, 1995)

* Carlos Giffoni -- "A Permanent Choice" -- Adult Life (No Fun, 2008)

-- 1:00 p.m. --

* Impiety -- "Introbliteration"/"Slaughterror Superiority" -- Dominator (Pulverized, 2008)

Hour of the Shipwreck -- "The Chandelier Suite" -- The Hour Is Upon Us (self-released, 2008)

15 Degrees Below Zero -- "Catholic Hallway" -- New Travel (Edgetone, 2007)

Guillermo Gregorio -- "Coplanar 3" [excerpt] -- Coplanar (New World, 2005) * Axton Kincaid -- "Let the World Go By" -- Silver Dollars (Free Dirt, 2008) * Corralie Clement -- "C'est la Vie" -- V/A: Francophone Singles: December 2008 (Francophonie Diffusion, 2008)

* Holy Fuck -- "Riton Rerub" -- Lovely Allen (Young Turks, 2008)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists -- "The High Party" -- Hearts of Oak (Lookout, 2003)

* John Baker -- "Vendetta: The Ice Cream Man" -- The John Baker Tapes, Volume 1 (Trunk, 2008) * Wooden Shjips -- "Death's Not Your Friend" -- Vol. 1 (Holy Mountain, 2008) * The Lost Trio -- "Glass Onion" -- Plays the Solid Gold Hits! (Evander, 2008)

Al Stewart -- "The Immelman Turn" -- A Beach Full of Shells (Appleseed, 2005)

* Birdsongs of the Mesozoic -- "Brings Underwater" -- Dawn of the Cycads (Cuneiform, 2008; orig. released 1984)
-- 2:00 p.m. --

* Chad Van Gaalen -- "Cries of the Dead" -- Soft Airplane (Sub Pop, 2008)

* Aruna Sairam -- "Tillana" -- Divine Inspiration (World Village, 2008)

* Grindlestone -- "Balsamic Fringe Decoy" -- One (Noh Poetry, 2008)

* B-Cups -- "Hide the Head" -- It Ain't Love (self-released, 2007)

* Skamper -- "Sugarhate" -- Thunderbeast (Second Floor Noise, 2008)

* Silian Rail -- "Quaking Grass" -- And I To You, To Pieces (Thread, 2008)

* Susan Levine -- "February Rain" -- Atlas (River Wide, 2007)

* Phil Markowitz Trio -- "Breach" -- Catalysis (Sunnyside, 2008) Normal Love -- "Ndugo" -- Normal Love (High Two, 2007) Dr. Dog -- "The Dearly Departed" -- The Dearly Departed [7"]

Laurie Anderson -- "One Beautiful Evening" -- Live at Town Hall, NYC, September 19-20, 2001 (Nonesuch, 2002)

Skuli Sverrisson -- "Crash Frozen" -- Sermonie (Extreme, 1997) Danielle Howle and the Tantrums -- "She Has a Past" -- Do a Two Sable (Daemon, 1997)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
? = Item not in KZSU library

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