Updated Feb. 17, 2007

Places where you can buy or hear more of this kind of music. It's important to note that this isn't an official KZSU listing; as a nonprofit station, KZSU isn't permitted to overtly recommend any commercial action. This is just me, a guy, telling you a few places sympathetic to this music; views expressed here are not necessarily those of KZSU-FM or of Stanford University.

First recommendation in all cases is to go to the label that released something; after all, they're almost guaranteed to be offering it. And it's good to support the people who work so hard to keep good music alive and in the public ear. I've tried to include links to labels for most of my playlist entries, beginning circa 2006.

Then again, sometimes you just wanna go shopping:

There are more radio shows covering jazz/improv than you might think. KZSU always has several in the works; check out DJs Ben (either one; there are two of them), Your Imaginary Friend, Mufaor, Mike, Red West, Fo, David Bug, and plenty of others I'm sadly forgetting. A few other good bets: