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VWPrintPDF 13.54    2008-07-08
VW 12.5 Automator Application & Workflow to Batch Print or PDF Multiple pages.
Uses Mac OS 10.5 resources (Automator, PDF workflow, Preview). No other pdf applications necessary.

RFedit    2007-10-26: v13 (vw2008):
Creates a worksheet list of objects on selected layers and a selected list of records. Worksheet can be edited and values inserted back into the file. Can also locate an object by its worksheet row number. I mostly use this to investigate a files records, sometimes to locate a specific object, sometimes to acutally edit the records in the spreadsheet and insert the changes back into the drawing objects. Works with sybmol library as well.

PageMinder    2008-04-27: v13.03: Vw2008 Compatible
Navigation & Edit Dialog to Show, Delete and Edit:
Saved Views, Sheets, ViewPorts, Viewport Layers and Design Layers.
A whole lot of page and layer functions in one dialog.

Scale By Dimension    08-07-07: v11.52
I've written this to help with a new process I use for remodel plans.
Basically I scale photos of an existing plan in VW to use as part of a new remodel plan.

DupDistance    05-25-07: v12.00
Dialog to create Duplicates with opportunity to change distance with each duplication.
I wrote this to help with dimensions on new addition plans where existing plan is on paper.

GetSymbol    10-21-06: v11.52
Dialog to Show, Search for & Select a Symbol in the active VW file.
Will also show and open Worksheets. If you get a lot of symbols in a file its useful to be able to find the symbol you want using a search field.

Worksheets    10-18-06: v11.53:
A whole script palette to allow editing borders, text alignment, inserting cells, text size, style, font, etc. by clicking on individual scripts.

Menu PIO to Select Objects with Matching properties.

Use to Create Text or Edit text in a dialog window. Will edit text in callout PIO and some of Text PIOs below. I Attach a key combination. Select text object, hit key combo and edit. I'm not comfortable with the "T" text tool, having to zoom in on text to edit, having the text expand out of the visible window, trying to get out of the text tool by double clicking or by erroneously typing "x" to get back to selection tool. Now I have another option to edit text.  I also set it up to recognize some of the other text PIOs available here... so it can be used to edit some of my text pios as well as generic text blocks.

Run script to get dialog access to an objects records. Or a series of objects. It gives quick access to an objects records and shows only the records attached to an object. Object Info palette gets clumsy when you have a lot of records in a file. Will also show a PIOs records... Handy when trying to remember the Parameter name for scripting.  

A script to give quick access to VW preferences. Can be customized to show favorite prefs. Scriptors Note: Includes a pref to turn VectorScript caching on and off.

Simple script to toggle showing other objects while in groups.

Simple dialog toturn layer and class visiblities on and off. (an older script that still has some life... coming soon)

Script that shows dialog to go to a specific sheet, or create a new sheet, or create a page schedule of selected sheets.

Goto VP_layer
Run script while a sheet layer is active and all the ViewPorts and all their design layers are displayed. Click on a layer to navigate to it.