Life just keeps getting weirder!

When I was much younger, I used to think life would get simpler as I gained experience, wisdom, and the other tools with which to deal with life's little ups and downs. I have since taken uneasy refuge in the knowledge that as we get older, life will continue to find new ways to challenge us, making all our experience obsolete periodically.

I'm currently living with my two siamese cats Isis and Osiris (yes, they ARE brother and sister) in eastern Santa Rosa, in a house crammed with music, Halloween stuff and mad-science detritus. I've been taking TV/video production courses at the Santa Rosa Community Media Center to add to my skill set and keep me off the streets between other projects. I've been helping other members with their productions and gearing up for a music video shoot for one of my own tunes in the coming months (details to be announced... Ssssshhhhh...)

I rode my motorcycle around as long as I could, but now it's tucked in for winter, away from the cold and the wet and most importantly, the black ice. I look forward to more riding adventures when the weather improves...

Plans are brewing for the coming year's Darknician haunted house, which will be bigger and even more exciting than our Fintan Hall haunt of 2002. We are currently in the process of locating a suitable venue as well as funding sources for the venture. If interested, please visit the web site and use the email link to contact us.


I continue to periodically document the activities of my cousin, The Evil Doctor Flaxon via the official Flaxon Alternative Interface Technologies Web Site.


Additionally, The Evil One appears as a character in an as-yet-unnamed rock opera co-written by myself and John Gerboth. The music is written and several songs are recorded. As soon as the publication legalities are ironed out, the front page of Flaxon's site will contain links to MP3's and the option to purchase a copy of the CD of the full opera..


I broke the guitar pictured here, sad to say. I have a new guitar, the best I've ever owned. I recently revamped the studio yet again to allow a less-cluttered space while improving the functionality. I can't keep from tweaking it every six months or so : ) I'm currently running Cakewalk Sonar 2.0 and Pro Audio 9. I finished building my 24-piece custom-designed electronic drum kit and have been using it for the recording process with great results.

I've been recording music with John Gerboth, working on the opera and whatever solo projects whap me upside the head. I really do love my life and the way music intertwines everything I do. And I love the people I get to work with in the studio.


I'm still single, but I no longer consider that a burden. Life is what it is, and I love my life. I have a plethora of great friends, occasional sparks with members of "the opposite camp", and leave myself open for loving in all its manifestations.


In 1999, my entire back yard and garage were taken over by a monstrous (sorry) haunted house known as Monroe Manor. The project took six months to build, and although attendance was somewhat low, it was a joy to create. Our team of frighteners included Ted and Loretta Peters, Rees Gwillim, Shiela Robinson, Andy and Richard Evans, and Scott Stevenson. Congratulations to the entire team!

Our 2000 haunted house was epically - proportioned, and we were rained out at the very last moment. I resolved to not do it again without adequate shelter (which we got at our Stumptown Brewery haunt in 2001).

2002 found us in Healdsburg, haunting Fintan Hall at St. John's Catholic School, our most professional production yet. (Details of this haunt on the Darknician web site).

I'm maintaining a list of all the publications in which my name has appeared since I began pursuing my interest in Virtual Reality. Just in case you're interested, I've implemented a "clippings" page.

For those who have an interest in such things, 
My Resume's Online!

Well, thanks for visiting the site.
May Peace Prevail On Earth.