FAIT's Off-time Activities

It's not always work, work, work at the lab - the FAIT lifestyle is a rich blend of sports, cultural, and leisure activities as well.

Doctor Flaxon is a patron of the arts, and to this end has built a fine theatre in one of the larger caverns at the facility. Here one can witness operatic performances staged by the FAIT staff as well as visiting thespians. Additionally, every member of the FAIT team is an accomplished musician, and performs in the FAIT Symphony Orchestra. Although a rather small orchestra by metropolitan standards, Doctor Flaxon is very pleased with their performance.

Flaxon's extensive library, the shelves of which are filled floor to ceiling with works from such authors as Dante Alighieri, Edgar Allen Poe, Clive Barker and others whose writings appeal to Flaxon's discriminating tastes, is available to any FAIT residents who wish to broaden their horizons. The library also has an extensive collection of scientific and technical references.

Both staffers and Special Guests of the FAIT facility have access to relaxation therapies, such as the Caustic Hot Tub, pictured at left. The Hot Tub has a slightly acidic ph factor, which acts as a gentle exfoliant, stripping away dead skin cells and revitalizing the complexion. While most "Tubbers" (as they are known around the lab) prefer a mildly acidic solution, some prefer a stronger mix. The local positioning of the control box (shown in the lower right-hand corner of the picture) allows bathers to adjust the tub's ph and temperature without having to towel off, another example of the many conveniences inherent in the facility's design.

Not far from the Hot Tub, the FAIT indoor raquetball court provides healthy exertion and an outlet for the day's little frustrations. Perhaps the only one of its kind in the world, the 6-wall court's walls and ceilings have been left in their faceted, rough-hewn state, providing the additional challenge of rapid geometric calculation for the players.

For easing the tension in weary muscles, the FAIT Power Supply Sauna is the place to go. The Sauna derives its heat from the massive power supply room, located directly below on an adjoining level. The heat generated from the power room rises up through the cleverly designed ducted floor and right into the Sauna, where intimate groups of staffers and visitors alike can relax and sweat. This vertical alignment of the Power Supply room and the Sauna has proven extremely energy efficient, although the Sauna tends to leave users smelling strongly of warm electronics.

All of the above activities are located off the Level 3 centrally-located Activities Hub, the site of "The Pit", a circular lounge where prerecorded music (and sometimes live jazz) is served up along with snacks and beverages of all types. Lively and challenging conversations can be found here at any hour of the day or night, providing a warm and friendly environment for this hard-working group of people. The Pit has become an extremely popular meeting place for FAIT staff members and guests, and is within easy walking distance of the dining hall as well as staff living quarters.