The Baseball Bat Haptic Feedback System:

The term Haptic refers to our sense of touch, and consists of input via mechano-receptors in the skin, neurons which convey information about texture, and the sense of proprioception, which interprets information about the size, weight and shape of objects objects via feedback from muscles and tendons in the hands and other limbs.

"Haptic Feedback" refers to the way we attempt to simulate this haptic sense in our virtual environment, by assigning physical properties to the virtual objects we encounter and designing devices to relay these properties back to the user.

Other haptic feedback devices pussyfoot around with vibrators, air bladders, and Titanium-Nickel alloy transducers which provide a minimal sense of touch.

Our proprietary Baseball Bat Haptic Feedback sensors utilize both higher voltage as well as more mass to deliver a higher intensity haptic feedback experience.

BBHF was originally developed in the form of the BBHF Chair (shown at left), which was used primarily as an "Attitude Adjustment" tool for some of our less-cooperative volunteers.

BBHF evolved over time into smaller (but no less efficient) devices that were used first in our glove's finger transducers, allowing users to vividly touch and feel objects in the virtual environment. Ultimately, the units were incorporated into a body suit en masse to deliver a full-body haptic experience.