FAIT's Environs

Welcome to Nevada!

The rugged Mojave (pronounced "moh-hah-vee") desert landscape's peaceful beauty and a rich ecosystem are without parallel anywhere else in the world. Here, wild horses can still be found roaming the mountainous terrain amidst the hearty yucca plants and joshua trees. Jackrabbits and small rodents are also numerous under these wide skies.

The FAIT lab is within an hour's driving distance from the now-quiet town of Mercury, Nevada, once a bustling center of operations for the Nevada Test Site's busy schedule of nuclear tests. These days Mercury's staff is minimal, but it's still the closest thing to civilization most FAIT staffers see, unless they take a sojourn 1 hour south on US95 down to Las Vegas.

This is a Southeastern view of the beautiful Yucca Mountain, a majestic ridge northwest of Mercury near FAIT, and a potential location for the nation's first high-level nuclear-waste repository. The USGS is conducting long-term research at the site to improve their understanding of the potential for high-level radionuclides to contaminate future public water supply.

FAIT's unexpected visitors are few, thanks to its remote and undefined location within the Nevada Test Site. With its inherent protection by the U.S. military and the Department Of Energy, FAIT 's inaccessibility to outsiders keeps prying eyes away from the top-secret alternative interface design work happening there, and allows the staff to concentrate fully on their work and their unique lifestyle.