Forgotten Experiments

"Forgotten experiments" occur every so often at FAIT, despite the lab staff's best efforts to prevent them. The usual cause of a forgotten experiment is an overworked lab technician, who has worked for two or more consecutive shifts and whose mental state is beginning to resemble that of a "volunteer". In these circumstances, the lack of attention to details can cause the technician to forget a small but all-important procedure usually performed with every setup: engaging the Session Monitoring Loop. This subroutine adds the experiment's realtime status data to the display in the Control Center, allowing monitoring by FAIT's 24-hour Control Team. The SML is there to keep the Team apprised of the current state of each experiment, and notifies the Team of critical changes in the subject's physical or mental state via audible and visual alarms.

If the SML is not engaged by the technician, the experiment is monitored only by the FAIT Cube, not by any human technicians. The eventual result is that the subject is left connected into the virtual world indefinitely in some forgotten corner of the mammoth underground complex, and finishes out his or her days in virtual space, expiring when the life-preserving metabolants run out, or sometimes even sooner, if the psychic shock threshold is exceeded.

Although such a subject is yielding no further data, his experiment and subsequent untimely death provided valuable data for the FAIT Cube, which has incorporated this data into its experiential database for use in current experiments. Someday, a wandering janitor or lab worker seeking a room for a new research project will run across this grisly reminder of the value of following procedures to the letter.

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