The Whiff-Whip Aroma-to-Digital Convertor

The Whiff-Whip serves as the front-end for our CyberNose system, and functions as follows:
  1. Scent samples are collected at the vented intake head and fed along a flexible conduit to the conversion chamber.

  2. There, a spectral gas chromatography process is performed on the sample.

  3. The Whiff-Whip's microprocessor digitizes the results and stores them in its internal non-volatile RAM in our proprietary .WIF file format.

  4. The Whiff-Whip's internal files can be transferred later to a computer via a serial link, to be interfaced with the CyberNose System.

The device is portable, so it can be taken into the field, to be used in a wide range of environments (as shown in the inset at left).