A Nightmare in 3/4 Time

The Misadventure of Eva Marie Hudson and Betty Ruth Jordan in
Vienna, the City of Dreams

Welcome to the world of Spies, Champagne and Chocolates -- deadly combination,  to the dismay of Betty Ruth Jordan and the daughter of Judge Harold J. Hudson.
This delightful misadventure is designed to entertain and challenge adult readers. We invite you to step into a world where the past and present seem to be interlinked; Where spies drop like flies and no one seems to care; Where the hunt for lost Swiss bank accounts and art still goes on.

Judge Harold J. Hudson disappears from the streets of Vienna. His partners ask his daughter Eva to send for Hudson’s mistress Jordan to help find him. Jordan and Eva decide not to trust the partners, and set out to find him themselves. Jordan is not surprised to find that the trail of Harold Hudson is full of misadventures. It leads to strange places and into strange beds. She is surprised when spies start dropping about her from fatal wounds. She is surprised that the trail leads her into the sewers of the City of Dreams before the nightmare ends.

Jordan learns that playing fast and loose with the rules leads to pursuit by lecherous men she dare not avoid. She learns the City of Dreams is also the City of Spies, and she must somehow survive them all and find a ‘List’ and a treasure hidden by Nazis half a century ago. Then she can earn safety for herself and her lover amidst the dead and dying -- or can she?

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CITY OF DREAMS - Chapter One.

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