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Books: Southern California Pastoral (1976)

The Beach Boys: Southern California Pastoral (Bruce Golden) Borgo Press, 1976. More a booklet than a book at 39 pages (plus discography), this is the first attempt at analysis of their albums up to this point. Surprisingly, the brilliant Sunflower gets short shrift.

Books: Southern California Pastoral

Borgo press, 1991. Contents,A Beach Boys Chronology, Foreword to the Second Edition, Introduction to the First Edition, 1. "Surfin" to All Summer Long (1962-1964) 2.Beach Boys Today to Beach Boys Party (1965) 3.Pet Sounds to Holland (1966-1973) 4. Still Cruisin` (1974-1990) Afterword, by Dr. Bruce Golden. An afterview of Beach Boys releases. Discography. Bibliography.

Books: Southern California Pastoral, Revised Edition (2007)

Southern California Pastoral, Revised Edition (Bruce Golden and Paul-David Seldis, 2007) Borgo Press; Rev Sub edition, September 30, 2007. ISBN 0893673591 (hardback); ISBN 0893704598 (paperback). Now available as a print-on-demand book.