Re: COSTCO Flooring, Is it Really QuickStep?

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Posted by Randy on January 27, 19104 at 19:39:34:

In Reply to: Re: COSTCO Flooring, Is it Really QuickStep? posted by Miguel Vargas on January 18, 19104 at 21:06:37:

: : : Patrick: Sounds like sour grapes from someone who probably purchased elsewhere and is now looking to try and convince himself he didn't make a bone head mistake.
: :

: :
: : wrong - I have been in the laminate business for 10 years, I know what I am talking about.
: : Even if Costco got an incredible deal, and is using this as a leader item (doubt it), how can any laminate manufacturer make and sell a quality laminate for pennies, or how can a store make a couple cents off the sale of the laminate (just in case it actually took more than a buck a sq foot to make).
: : the answer is - they cannot.
: : This doesnt mean that the floor will not perform, it just is on the lower end thats all.
: : Post this question in other forums and see what you get.
: : You get what you pay for. Yes sometimes Costco and other stores could buy millions of sq feet for stock and sell cheaper than other flooring stores, but the price is too low to convince me it is better than their lowest end.
: : think cars, or furniture, or whatever, cmon man, this is obvious.
: : no sour grapes, just the truth.

: Take it from me. I have now done 2 complete floors with Costco bought laminates. The first time around the Costco brand was called Gallery now it is called Harmonics. First one was for my 6 year old daughter. It has survived juice spills, crayon marks, markers and glass breakage.
: 2 days ago I laminated my aunts bedroom with Harmonics and it looks so good that a neighbor wants me to quote her on a bedroom with laminates from Harmonics. I think I found me a part time job. I will say this analogy, Goodyear sells their best tires for auto manufacturers first, then for themselves and last for other companies. This may be the case with laminates, nevertheless, 25 year warranty is the same thing you get from Pergo. Just stick with Uniclic no matter what name is on the box. And furthermore, forget about buying moulding from Home Depot or Lowes. One T-moulding could cost you over $20.00 for 6 feet. Call the number on the box and buy Harmonics moulding. You can buy as much as you want for one fixed shipping rate. Even after you add the shipping it will come out cheaper.
: Buy Harmonics!
: Anything made by Uniclic for that matter.

: Good Luck.


I'm planning to purchase appox 700 sq.ft of Harmonics laminate flooring from costco when they go on sale. However, I'm little concerned because when comparing Harmonics to other brands, Pergo, Armstrong, and traffic master, it appears that Harmonics planks are slighly bowed. Is this normal for this product? I even purchased 2 cases to test them out and even after 48 hours the bowing did not dissappear ;( Did you experience any bowing with your Harmonic flooring?

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