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Battle of the Sexes

Love / Relationships

Working World


  • Why women should go for engineers
  • Engineer gets sent to Hell
  • The Physics of Hell
  • Top 20 Engineering Phrases: Translated
  • Microsoft Interview Problem
  • Technical types change light bulbs! Hang on!
  • Microsoft Marketing Strategy - in code form
  • How to light a BBQ
  • What if Microsoft was in Alabama?
  • Are you an engineer?
  • More on those crazy engineers.
  • This one is about engineers vs. accountants.
  • Temperature of Heaven.
  • Dr. Seuss Technical writings.
  • Poly Nomial and Curly Pi in... IMPURE MATHEMATICS.
  • A Unique Use of Computer Terminology
  • Perverted Electrons.
  • Engineer vs. Programmer
  • Evolution of the programmer.
  • Evolution of a Programmer, v.2
  • There's hope for computer geeks!!
  • Engineers vs. Mathmaticians vs. Scientists
  • A Manager, Engineer, and a Programmer...
  • Legos are a poor development environment?
  • You Are a Nerd If...

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