Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baker of
Lodi, were Saturday morning
visitors at the Norman Thompson
home; and in the afternoon,
Mrs. Thompson enjoyed
a ride over the Docker Hill
Ridge down into Big River Valley
with Mr. and Mrs. H. D.
Robbins of Docker Hill, then
up to the former historical
spot known as Nigger Nat's
Opening. This property was
the home of one of Mendocino's
first early settlers, Nathaniel
Smith, who came there
in 1844. Though he was a colored
man, he was loved and
respected by all who knew
him. Each summer he would
drive his team and old wagon
over to Ukiah to bring watermelons
back to sell to the
folk in Fort Bragg and Mendocino;
this, of course, making
a big hit with all the children,
who are now the older folks
and each remarks about his
personality and generosity. He
kept the price down to 20c for
all melons. His Indian wife's
grave is near the site of his
cabin, which was burned along
with many other cabins in
that valley in the 1932 fire
which also destroyed many
homes and much of the country
east of Comptche. Anyone
interested in donating anything
toward having this man's
name in the reprint of the
1880 History may send it to
your correspondent.