Fatal Flaw

What is very clear is the singlemost fatal flaw in the thinking of economists, such as Julian Simon, as well as religious leaders and politicians (such as George Bush). They simply cannot grasp (or deliberately reject) the concept of exponential growth. Exponential growth is the doubling of a population per unit time.

For the human species, the world population doubles every 40 years.

So even if we could double the world's food production in the coming next 40 years, we would have to double that again in the next 40 years after that! Don't forget, we would also have to double the amount of water available to water the crops, in this blissful world of teeming masses. By the way, we would have to double living quarters and don't neglect to double recreational space for hiking, boating, biking, fishing and hunting (unless you can convince the general public that they can do without all these frills).

Now don't go brain the next 40 years we would have to double all that again just to keep up with the present levels of poverty , much less raise the standard of living for everyone.

You think this is an exaggeration?? Well, just ask the majority of economists such as fans of Julian Simon and the industrialists who support the reduction of interferrence by government and environmentalists. They reject such pessimists off hand as "doomsayers." The term "doomsayers" is a clever coverup for their blind progress to get profits NOW!! To hell with the future...especially when you have such short sighted economists as Julian Simon and his followers that speak of infinite resources. That is mindless optimism; Alice In Wonderland fables that are turning into nightmares. What nightmares?? Just look around you...has George W. Bush and his Republicans lowered government spending? No. The U.S. is spending massive amounts in the billions to cure symptoms of unbridled population growth (terrorism and famine) rather than cure underlying causes such as excessive population growth. Bush blocks supporting funds for family planning but endangers the national budget by plunging the US into trillion dollar debts never before seen in history, just to treat symptoms...not causes. Meanwhile, the war on terrorism continues endlessly. As relentless numbers of new births occur in Muslim countries, there will be an ever growing supply of ignorant young men and women who will become suicide bombers, convinced by clerics that they will go to heaven....what about that Julian Simon? By the way, did Osama Bin Laden ever volunteer to blow himself up for the good of Islam??


It is madness to think that the earth can support "60 million billion" people. That is sheer lunacy. Julian Simon weaves fanciful stories about growing crops in massive skyscrapers that are hundreds of stories high, with countless layers of fertile earth on each level, fully watered and endless sources of energy to bath them in artificial light. It is just as easy to dream of building 10,000 starship Enterprises that each and every day would leave planet earth in order to colonize the fiction at its worst.

How can people think that stabelizing the world human population so pessimistic anyway?? It seems more reasonable to stablize the human population than to attempt endless advancements in technology to overcome a "few famines" and activities of desparate terrorists.

(a concept beyond Julian Simon's intellect)