Limits to

The human population of the world cannot keep growing exponentially forever. It is simply not possible. No matter how many skilled technicians and genuses born, they cannot solve all problems caused by ever increasing human numbers. Something will stop the population explosion.

The most likely means of limiting the population growth are famine, disease, nuclear war or birth control. It is obvious which of these limiting factors is the most humane. For those who adamantly oppose artificial birth control claim that we must not interfere with the possibility of denying some imaginary person, who could have developed from an unfertilized human egg, from experiencing the "banquet of life." With an unbridled population explosion, the enevitable result can hardly be described as a "banquet."

For each of the ways by which the human populations will be limited in the absence of preventitive birth control, the possibilities, examples from history and the tragic consequences will be discussed and if possible illustrated.