What harm would it do to stabelize the world's human populations?? What terrible disaster would strike us all down if we did such a dramatic step?? There is no convincing argument to say otherwise. Julian Simon can only say we would be depriving the earth of many genuses. What in the hell kind of argument is that?? Think of all those valuable human eggs that are wasted every month during periods of ovulation by women that do not become pregnant!! We should, based on Julian Simon's arguments, take every woman on earth and force them to give their egg(s) at ovulation to an egg bank where they are kept alive. Then force donors of nuclei, men and women, to release their nuclei from their intestinal cells, place those nuclei in enucleated eggs from the previous women donors and raise test tube babies...or if you prefer, atrifically implant them into the uteri of "donor" women to give birth to EVERY POSSIBLE CHILD we could conceivable produce per unit time. NO HOLDS BARRED!! Women would be doing their duty by being pregnant all the time! We could be building the worlds population at speeds no previous generation could even conceive. Perhaps we could double the world population every 5 years or maybe every 6 months given the best technology. JUST THINK OF ALL THOSE FUTURE EINTEINS AND OTHER GENUSES THAT WOULD BE BORN. Our world would evolve so rapidly to the world of ultimate utopia...a Nirvana or Shangri La so unbelievably glorious that it would be impossible to imagine!!!

Now what is wrong with that picture?

After all Julian Simon said that all worlds resources were infinite! So why not reproduce an the MAXIMUM RATE POSSIBLE!!

Am I the only person that believes that this is an idea that reeks with lunancy?? Are resources truly infinite? Either resources are infinite or they are not. Furthermore, if one resource is "infinite" it is not possible for a second one to also be infinite! Infinite means infinite, and that is that.

Let us consider to motivations of such "doomsayers" as Paul Ehrlich, Lester Brown and Garret Hardin. Was it for profit that they made all these "doomsday" predictions? Did they become billionaries by their dire predictions of massive starvations, epidemics and resource shortages? No they did not. So why would they stoop to try and persuade to general public to such paranoid nonsense, if in fact all their predictions were just wierd and twisted "chicken little concoctions??" Perhaps, just perhaps they may have simply made their predictions based on the best available evidence.Their motivation seems to be strictly academic.

But what fan of Julian Simon would accept that?

Now consider all those delusional supporters of the world's greatest optimist, Julian Simon. What motivation would they have to believe the world's population could go on increasing forever to infinity. Well for one, it is better to be an optimist than be one of those dreary and oh-so-pesimistic doomsayers! What would be the motivation for accepting Julian Simon's predictions of infinite resources?

Well, consider those people who accept Simon and reject such ilk as Al Gore, Paul Ehrlich and Lester Brown. They are the wealthy industrialists who gain profit from extracting every bit of resouce as fast as they can. Millionaires want to be multimillionaries. Multimillionaires want to be billionaires and so on. They are never satisfied because there is a cult out there that measures success in terms of wealth. But having a few paltry million dollars is not enough because there is another that has a few humdred million that looks down on the millionaire, and that cannot be tolerated. After all, who is it that is the most revered, the most arrogant and can strut the most....the wealthiest!! So the way to gain wealth is by gouging the earth, lobbying the polititions, giving "donations" to the candidate for public office the most money and perhaps even assasinating any upcoming successful polition who opposes Simon and his ideas and that might stand in the way of the quick profit.

The motivation is very clear. If you want to make money at the expense of everyone else, support Julian Simon! Simon says all the right things. Also, get all those ignorant people to accept Simon's ideas without question (and some do in the name of God) to vote for a weakminded Republican for president. He will feel so good having so many multimillionaire "friends" and getting them to pat him on the back!