Julian Simon's
Energy Fantasy

"Energy. Grab your hat again-the long-run future of our energy supply is at least as bright as that of other natural resources, though government intervention can temporarily boost prices from time to time. Finiteness is no problem here either. And the long-run impact of additional people is likely to speed the development of cheap energy supplies that are almost inexhaustible. "

Julian Simon, 1996
The Ultimate Resource 2

If energy is becoming so cheap and easy to obtain, what can possibly cause an energy shortage as occurred in California in 1991?? No one can "eat" energy and energy cannot be hoarded up inside of a state that desparately needs it.

The basic cause of California's energy shortage in 1991, along with all the brownouts and blackouts, was an increase in the population beyond the state's ability to supply energy, as well as a population increase in surrounding states. In addition, there seems to have been a Republican conspiracy to with hold from California to deliberately drive up prices so that friends of George W. Bush could reap hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of California taxpayers, then blame Gray Davis for the entire debacle. It worked. Poorly informed Californians voted for a recall of Gray Davis, a clever political fraud that made a mockery of democracy and put a Republican in as state governor. It made a laughing stock of United States political system for the entire world. Julian Simon's views are partially responsible for the entire affair. Either Julian Simon is part of this travesty or he plays an active role in it. If it is the latter, he himself is a fraud and a liar.

Bush-backing Enron makes big money off crisis

WASHINGTON -- "One of the biggest beneficiaries of the California power crisis is a Texas energy conglomerate that more than any other single company has helped bankroll President Bush's political career. Enron Corp. of Houston is among a handful of a new generation of independent electric power brokers and producers that have reaped giant revenue increases from California's power shortages and higher natural gas prices nationwide. The new president's rejection of price controls to hold down soaring electricity costs in the Golden State reflects the views of Enron, the largest wholesaler of electricity and largest owner of natural gas pipelines in North America. The company and its employees have given more than anyone else to Bush's two campaigns for governor, his unsuccessful House campaign in 1978 and last year's race for the White House, according to the watchdog Center for Public Integrity. Enron and its employees gave $113,800 to Bush's presidential campaign, his 10th most generous contributor; $250,000 to the Republican National Convention host committee; and $300,000 to the Presidential Inauguration Committee.

Jonathan Salant
Thursday, January 25, 2001