Julian Simon's
Faithful Followers

On the left are links to quotations by Julian Simon. Below each quote are recent articles in newspapers, magazines and websites to illustrate just how wrong Simon was in his fervent crusade to support corporate greed. Click on each quotation to see very different views of Simon's ideas by means of documented events of recent history.

Below are quotations by those who are devoted followers of his ideas.

"Two weeks before Julian died, I was driving through central Iowa and was surprised and delighted to find gasoline selling for 89 cents a gallon. I hadn’t seen gas prices that low since before the OPEC embargo in the early 1970s. I instantly thought of Julian. It was one of those little real-world events that confirm that he was right all along."

- Stephen Moore, 1998

"The world today is wonderfully free of large-scale conflict. It is a change that could, sadly, be reversed. The other great happening in Wired's short lifetime is technical and economic: we are squarely in the midst of the most amazing upsurge of knowledge and wealth ever seen on Earth. And that trend is - for the first time in the human history - irreversible."

- Stephen Moore, 1998

"In 1980, Julian Simon, the recently deceased economist and author of The Ultimate Resource, offered to environmentalists a wager based on his assertion that the price of any raw material would indefinitely decline on a future date. The wager was taken up by Paul Ehrlich, author of the best- selling 1968 book, "The Population Bomb," which predicted that during the 1970s "the world will undergo famines -- hundreds of millions of people are going to starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now." These predicted deaths were off by hundreds of millions."

"While Simon was proven correct, Ehrlich went on to win a MacArthur Foundation "genius" grant -- based on his career of fantastic apocalyptic predictions that never came true. In 1990, Ehrlich and his wife shamelessly published "The Population Explosion," another book predicting that "human numbers are on a collision course with massive famines." Simon's work has influenced people to challenge the corruptions of such environmentalist doomsayers; nevertheless, the rehashed, dispelled arguments of Ehrlich and his ilk prevail in many American minds."

Joseph Kellard, 1998
Journalist and freelance editorialist
Capitalism Magazine