Julian Simon's
Immigration Fantasy

"Immigration. The migration of people from poor to rich countries is as close to an everybody-wins government policy as can be. Countries in North America and Western Europe thereby advance just about all their national goals- higher productivity; a higher standard of living, and an easing of the heavy social burdens caused by growing proportions of aged dependents. And of course the immigrants benefit. Even the sending countries benefit on balance from the remittances that immigrants send back, and from improved ties between the countries. Amazingly; immigration does not even increase native unemployment measurably; even among low-income groups. This topic, discussed briefly in the first edition, now constitutes a separate book! "

Julian Simon, 1996
The Ultimate Resource 2

The argument that massive immigration into the United States is a win-win situation is total nonsense. As more immigrants enter the U.S., they will consume more and more resources....such as oil and lumber. The prices of these products will rise for everybody as a result, and only the wealthy will go unscathed. The middle class and the poor will suffer the most from these rising prices. The oil and lumber industries will reap huge profits due to high demand and continully dwindling resources per capita. All the arguments that these illegal immigrants help our economy can only be based on Julian Simon's fantasies and mythologies of infinite resources and support for the wealthy.

Then there are the arguments that these immigrants will take jobs nobody here will take. Then the wealthy corporations pay these poor people minimum wages (and in many cases, below that because they are here illegally, so what else can they do?). Is that humane?? Big corporations want people to breed like flies so they can get cheap labor to make bigger profits for themselves. The more desparate people are, the more they will be willing to work for less and less and to be abused like slaves.

What causes the pressure for immigration from certain countries? From some countries where a failed communist type economy has resulted in declining standard of living and poor living conditions, the cause is obvious. Eastern European countries such as Russia and other former USSR nations, living conditions are deplorable as those nations changing from a collectivist socialistic economy to a free market economy. That transition is a difficult one for people who are not familiar with a capitalistic economy. Eventually their situation will improve, but for now it is made difficult by corruption and organized crime. In addition, terrorism by intruders from Islamic nations have made things even worse.

Terrorism is spawned in Islamic nations because of a desparate situation in those nations caused by rapidly growing populations. This desparate situation is caused by ignorance, and ignorance in turn is a deliberate condition as a result of the action of extremist, power mongering Muslim cclerics who keep their people ignorant in the name of God. In addition, there is a widespread belif by many Muslims that the use of contraceptives goes against the very heart of their religion. As a result, their unbridled population explosion is clearly not supportable, especially when the wealth is accumulated in the hands of a few. European nations are flooded with immigrants from Islamic nations, a sure sign of discontent in those overpopulated, poverty stricken nations.

With respect to the population conference in Cairo, Egypt in August 1994, Muslims objected strenuously to the conference.

"This is an attempt to tear the values and beliefs of Islam from their roots," said Mohamed Salahideen, a leading columnist. "It is a ferocious attack on Islam and Muslims and their most holy beliefs." (An irrational and fanatic comment to stir the passions of a desparate populace. NO ONE ever intended to attack all of Islam, just because they disagree with one aspect of their philosophies or beliefs.)

"We declare that we are for the increase in population, in Egypt, in the Arab region and Islamic nation at large, we are for the increase in population to the highest level possible," Adel Hussein, a member of the Federation of Islamic Countries Medical Organizations, said at a news conference in Cairo. Hussein, an Islamic writer, said a larger population would help development in the Islamic world. (Massive population growth is an impediment to development, especially in nations with limited resources, a lack of education for the general public and a disparity between the few who are extremely wealthy and the poverty stricken majority.)

From The San Francisco Chronicle (with comments)
Tuesday, August 30, 1994.

As a result of such beliefs by some influential fundamentalist Muslims, the Islamic world is frought with turmoil and terrorism brought about by extremism and power hungry clerics. Such philosophy promotes an exploding population and a desparate, ignorant populace. The way by which clerics direct all this frustration, is to blame all other nations and religions for their demise rather than take responsibilities for their own actions.

There will be no constructive development in those Islamic nations that cling to the belief that massive population growth spurs development...it does not. And don't believe that this is an attack on Islam and the Muslim religion...it is not in any way intended to be so. To make that kind of comment is the same old worn out contorted logic; if one disagrees with any of the Muslims about anything, then they must be attacking all of Islam, a blatent lie.