Julian Simon's
World Population Policy Fantasy

"World population policy. The first edition documented that tens of millions of U.S. taxpayers' dollars are being used to tell the governments and people of other countries that they ought to reduce their fertility. The long-time head of the Population Branch of the U.S.. State Department Agency for International Development (AID)-for many years the single most important U.S. population official-publicly said that the United States should act to reduce fertility worldwide for the countries own economic self-interest. And a secret policy assessment issued by the National Security Council in 1974 (U.S. National Security Council 1974; Sobo 1991b)-finally declassified in 1989, but with many pages still blacked out-specifies population-control activities for U.S. governmental agents to carry out in various countries, especially Africa; this includes twisting the arms of foreign governments in a variety of ways to ensure "cooperation." But economic data and analyses do not justify this policy. Furthermore, might not such acts be an unwarranted (and resented) interference in the internal affairs of other countries?"

Julian Simon, 1996
The Ultimate Resource 2

So Simon suggests in the most pious manner, that if the U.S. attempts to influence other countries to adopt a policy of population stabelization, that would be considered "interference in the internal affairs of other countries." In addition, Simon thinks that massive immigration into the U.S. would be a good thing, a win-win situation.

In the first place, the U.S. is not sending into these countries military forces to enforce any population control policies. But what about these countries from which massive immigration occurs into the United States? Is that not interference in the internal affairs of the U.S.?? Or is it OK to interfere in the internal affairs of the U.S., but somehow the internal affairs of other countries are strictly off limits to the U.S.??? That is a completely one sided argument. If people are going to swarm into the U.S. illegally, then we have a right and a moral obligation to U.S. citizens, to put a halt to such behavior.

As for the first argument that massive immigration into the United States is a win-win situation is total nonsense. As more immigrants enter the U.S., they will consume more and more resources....such as oil and lumber. The prices of these products will rise for everybody as a result, and only the wealthy will go unscathed. The middle class and the poor will suffer the most from these rising prices. The oil and lumber industries will reap huge profits due to high demand and continully dwindling resources per capita. All the arguments that these illegal immigrants help our economy can only be based on Julian Simon's fantasies and mythologies of infinite resources and his thinly veiled support for the wealthy.

Then there are the arguments that these immigrants will take jobs nobody here will take. Then the wealthy corporations pay these poor people minimum wages (and in many cases, below that because they are here illegally, so what else can they do?). Is that humane?? Big corporations want people to breed like flies so they can get cheap labor to make bigger profits for themselves. The more desparate people are, the more they will be treated like slaves and abused.

NO ONE ever intended to "attack" Islam or Muslims. That is a lie intended by Salideen to inflame desparate and ignorant Muslims. Just because one disagrees with one single point of view or belief of Muslims does NOT mean that one is "attacking" all of Islam in any sense of the word.