The Corporate State
and population growth

There is no question that socialism and communism have been failures as foundations for successful economies. A free market gives people incentives to not only succeed but to excel in their productions of marketable products. By means of healthy competition, whoever produces inferior products will eventually suffer the consequences of going out of business. In addition, those who invent and produce new valuable and innovative products will usually advance civilization to having superior goods and services and will profit by their efforts. The free market is the motivating system that propels people to continually produce better products.

The United States is supposed to exhibit the epitome of a free market system and the power of its success by being the only truly global superpower as a result. However, the U.S. has an Achilles Heel. That is the gradual evolution towards a "Corporate State." In the United States, corporations have gained ever increasing economic power by the accumulation of wealth. With that wealth, they wield an unfair power of the political processes, which of course relentlessly increases their wealth and influence. As corporations increase in size and strength, they eliminate competition which should be a sign that the free market economy is working. But it is not. When competition is stifled, the goods produced by a monopolistic corporation begins to become inferior and the wages and benefits to its employees are reduced. With its wealth and influence, the minimum wage is kept low to increase the wealth and power to an even greater extent. The numbers of available products are reduced to give additional efficiency in making greater profits for the corporation.

As a result, the general working class gradually earns less and has fewer choices in available goods and job opportunities, a typical characteristic of a communistic system. Now the United States is rapidly evolving to a total "Corporate State," clearly not a healthy capitalistic nation it once was. Who can start a "mom & pop" grocery store any more? Witness how clever the corporate state manipulated the less educated by controlling television. Fox News is one of the worst examples of how corporate power can deceive the American voter by purchasing and controlling TV and other media. Attention of the less educated is directed to which presidential candidate is the most "Christian," and thus must be the best for the morality of the United States. Abortion and same sex marriage are issues that keep the minds of otherwise well meaning people, off the horrors of the Iraqi mess. Democrats are painted as the forces of evil, and the Republicans the champions of all that is good. Meanwhile the corporate leaders are laughing all the way to the bank.

As corporate buyouts increase, and fewer and fewer corporations gain greater and greater power, the economic system in the U.S. will rapidly lose the kind of competition it once enjoyed. Eventually the American people will pay dearly for their ignorance and naivety. People today have forgotten that the same Republican philosophies led the great economic crash in 1929. Even if we do not undergo a similar crash, our nation will be reduced to a form of socialism called "The Corporate State." The working class will be reduced to economic slaves. President George W. Bush is being financed by giant corporations and thus is leading this drive towards a form of socialism ruled by an oligarchy of the super rich, no longer a form of healthy capitalism.

In all this mix is the drive for cheap labor that is accomplished by failure to fund family planning and convincing the less eductated and religious fanatics that "family planning" is a way to fund abortion. Abortion is NOT a form of birth control. What's more, making artificial birth control methods available reduces the number of abortions.

By having an ever increasing population in the world, jobs can be given to the most desparate for sub-standard other words a form of economic slavery to enrich the coffers of the wealthy and powerful. President Bush does nothing to curb the outsourcing of jobs. So U.S. workers, in their desparation, opt for low paying jobs to stay alive. Bush then can claim just how low the unemployment is in the U.S., and of course he gives credit to the Republicans and their tax cuts. If you noticed during the presidential debates, nothing is ever mentioned about the substandard wages all these employed people receive for their hard work.