Basic Puzzles


Star Maze

This basic level, rarely seen teaser was patented in 1907 as an advertising premium. It looks so easy, but sometimes stumps those who have mastered slightly more difficult members of other puzzle families.

          Stainless Steel - $7.50

Heart in a Box

Engaging in its deceptive simplicity, this design has been popular in America since Colonial days. Its real origins, however, remain obscure. It is the inspiration for more difficult variations. Perfect for the casually curious or those who appreciate clever, elegant simplicity.

Stainless Steel - $8.50

          Brass - $9.50

A new twist to an old classic for anyone who has left a heart in San Francisco...28 inches of certified original suspender cable strands from the Golden Gate Bridge, lacquered copper or 24K gold plated and  handcrafted into a pleasing and handsome brain teaser. (See 'Our Specialty')

Copper Plated Bridge with Brass Heart - $25.00

24K Gold Plated Bridge & Heart - $32.50