Difficult Puzzles

Double Heart Loop

Another FIDDL' WIDDIT original, this difficult member of the Heart Series can be solved with only one move (or more, if you prefer)! As with all good puzzles, concentration is required to see what the real problem is. For most, there are just too many little rings to deal with.

Stainless Steel - $12.50


Triple Trapeze

This FIDDL' WIDDIT original is an all-new combination of the popular Ring Trapeze and Jean-Claude Constantin's Triple Horseshoe puzzle. If you like the basic Horseshoe puzzle, the Triple Horseshoe is a nice step up. If you think that the Triple Horseshoe and the Triple Trapeze are the same...well, you're in for a surprise.

Stainless Steel - $14.50


Heart Ladder

Obviously inspired by early versions of the Heart in a Box, this increased difficulty brainteaser and its ruthless cousin, the Heart Breaker, were patented in 1929. Variations of the basic move that solves the Heart in a Box will free this more closely guarded heart.

Stainless Steel - $15.50


Ring Trapper

Patented in 1914, this older cousin of the Ring Trapeze is also more difficult...and much more intimidating. Resembling a kachina of the Southwest, it is pleasing just to look at...which is all that most will have the inspiration to do. It's tough, but mostly tricky.

Stainless Steel - $16.50


Siamese Angels

The traditional origin of this graceful menace is the legendary Gordian Knot, which frustrated Alexander the Great into solving it with his sword. This wire sculpture can be simply admired as a work of art. Or you can solve it by removing the cord loop without resorting to a blade! It's clean, but tough.

Stainless Steel - $17.50


Twisted Arrow

Earlier versions of this head-scratcher have had several names, but our interpretation is a dandy... with one more twist than most. Once you've mastered the right moves, Twisted Arrow will leave you shaking your head wondering what your very own hands have just done before your very own eyes! Like any good puzzle, however difficult, it makes you look closer and closer at what is happening. It's a very good one.

          Stainless Steel - $14.00