is a tiny company, originally located in Bodega Bay, California, but now is 15 miles inland in Sebastopol, CA. We hand make traditional, as well as our own designs of wire entanglement puzzles, generally from stainless steel or brass wire. Marichu Hernandez and Paul Wood make all puzzles on the premises. We know of no other hand crafters of wire puzzles who braze their goods achieving the same strength for the lightness of weight. We tumble clean and polish our puzzles for a minimum of five hours to give them a bright finish. We have sold wholesale and retail since 1989. But currently, the vast majority of our work is at craft shows and with mail and internet orders. Our puzzles are packaged with clues, sealed instructions and indications of difficulty level (basic through very difficult) for each of the 21 models that we currently make. (We have stopped manufacturing our puzzles at the end of 2012, but we are still selling the limited supply of puzzles that we have on hand.)

   Just about all bending is done by hand...(Mostly, Marichu's hand!)


Paul is our fire-man.

          Bending and brazing and having a good time


Fiddl' Widdit's 'Godfather' Tom Burke made frequent cameo appearances at puzzle central in Bodega Bay to supervise, until illness took him from us in 2010. He provided a whole lot more than just simple moral support. He's even responsible for the original fascination with wire puzzles. He is missed greatly.
Meet our 'Journeyman' puzzle master, Jordan Davidson. If it weren't for him, we'd probably still be fruitlessly fiddlin' with one of our newer models, an 800+ year old classic, which we couldn't resist calling Jordan's Journey. After our spending 2 years with no success (but having lots of fun) with a prototype, Jordan figured it out for us in about a week, after he'd quickly worked his way through our entire line. The kid is GOOD! (Oh, did we say that he was 12 years old when all of this happened?) Now he has decided to take Stanford up on their offer to "invest" his 800 SAT math score with them! Now he's half way through  (Does our pride in him show?) Go Jordan!!