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Letters from Young James Culbertson to his family, written from confederate camps during the Civil War.


My online gedcom contains approximately 1700 names. Most of the people are located in South Carolina. The first Culbertson to settle in Laurens County was Robert (Grandsire Bobby) a few years after the close of the Revolutionary War. He established a home in the Ekom Community of Waterloo Township where my family continues to live today.

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Some of the people I am currently looking for information on are:

Samuel Pyles, b ?, marr ?. Only child I have is Rueben, b ?, marr Esther Rochester. Seeking info on any of these people.

Chesley Hughes, b 7-8-1839, d 3-6-1924, marr Louise Burns b 4-4-1853, d 7-31-1919. Children are: Arminta, Harriet, Mattie, Veal, Virgil, Lila, Lilly, Leila, Dock. Tilman, Fed, & Gary. I am looking for the parents of both Chesley and Louise.

Levy Cheek, b abt 1802, marr to William Riddle. Children are: Emaline, Landrum, Marion, Rebecca, Amanda, & Mary (Polly). I am looking for the parents of Levy.

Edward Garrett, b ?, marr Anne ?. Only child I know of: Captain William Garrett, b abt 1763. I'm looking for information on any of this Garrett family.

William Higgins, b ?, marr ? Only child I have is: Mary, b 1776, d 8-26-1863.

Ansel Godfrey, b 11-16-1795, d 1-30-1827, marr Mary Ann Wallace, b 5/ 23/1803, d 11/4/1855. Children are: Issac, Nancy, Barbara Elizabeth, Ansel Young, Parmelia, John Wallace, William Jasper, James Wesley (JW). Sounds like a lot of children for someone who only lived 32 years.

John Simpson, b 1733, marr Barbara Bowlin. Only child I have is: Anna, b 8-24-1749.

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