These are common questions I receive regarding the list.

Q: Are the names on The Phobia List real phobia names?
A: Yep, they have all been found in a reference book or medical paper.

Q: Why are there sometimes more than one name for the same phobia?
A: There's never been a 'phobia name' clearing house and people, mostly medical, not being able to find the name for a phobia, make up a new one. This often results in multible names.

Q: I sent in a phobia name and it's not on the list. Why not?
A: You didn't send a reference for it and I wasn't able to find it in a reference book.

Q: I sent you a phobia name and you didn't put my name on the credits list. Why?
A: Because the phobia name was already on the list.

Q: If phobia names are supposed to be Greek, why do so many of them have Latin prefixes?
A: Probably because most of them are coined by the medical profession, which is steeped in Latin.

Q: I couldn't find 'such and such' phobia name on the list. What is it?
A: I don't know. If I know it, it's on the list.

Q: I wrote to you and asked for the name of a phobia. Why didn't you answer?
A: Probably because the name is on the list. You have to do a little work, you know :)

Q: Why don't you put a 'search' on the list?
A: I've thought about it but you can use the 'find' function on your browser on any page...and it's pretty simple. Also the 'Indexed Phobia List' can be used.

Q: Why did you pick phobias to make a list of?
A: It started in a bar one afternoon. We were trying to think of the name of a phobia and couldn't think of it. I looked for it when I got home and started writing down the ones I found. The list laid in my desk drawer for a couple of years, I would add another name whenever I came across it. Pretty soon it was a fairly decent list. About that time, I put it up on a BBS (this was before the WWW) and soon others were adding names to it. When the Web came along, it was a natural. I don't remember what phobia name we were looking for that started the list.

Q: How many phobia names are on the list?
A: Last count was about 530.

Q: Do I have a phobia?
A: I have no idea. My interest is the origin of the words.

Q: Where can I get help for my phobia?
A: The best thing you can do is see your doctor. Phobias can be cured with the proper professional help.

Q: What is your medical background?
A: Absolutely none. I have an interest in etymology, it's one of my hobbies.

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