This problem seems to have been solved. You may download a patched version of Blockout at or try this link.

The problem was that the game was writing values to a video register that caused the MII to trip out. The patch consists of a total of 4 bytes that have been "no opped" in BL.EXE and BL2.OVL. If it works for you or doesn't, please let me know, o.k.?

By the way, i didn't do the patching. Someone who would prefer to remain anonymous did it for us because he was bored. Cool huh?

This patch works for at least the following cards:

...and probably others too. If your screen goes blank when running Blockout, try the patch.
People seem to be having trouble getting Blockout to run on the Matrox Millenium II. If you know of a solution or if you are succesful using this card could you please drop me a line stating your driver version and perhaps motherboard/cpu? Your fellow Blockheads will appreciate it!

I received this 1.20.97 from a fellow Blockouter. Can anyone help?

Great page! I used to play this game a lot 6-7yrs ago. Now, I found it again! The only problem is that it won't run on my new P2-300 with Matrox II 8Mb videocard. It freezes after the splash screen comes up. Do you know if anyone had similar problems on new machines?

Thanks in advance!

You see, Michael thanks you in advance. He is running win95. If you can help, mail me and i'll pass the info along.

If anyone else is having problems, you can mail me and i'll post it here, or you can use the guestbook.