Gerry's Triumph TR6
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Herman van den Akker's Shock Conversion Kit

I have always planned on installing a tube shock conversion kit in my car because I didn't want to deal with lever shocks.

I investigated the kits that are available and I didn't really like any of them. Fortunately, I met Abel Miramon at Triumphest '99 who informed me about Herman's kit. Abel has it installed in his car, and he introduced me and Martin Gonzales (who also owns a 73 TR6 and whom I had just met) to Herman van den Akker.

We all took a look at Herman's beautiful blue TR250 and the kit. Martin and I immediately ordered and paid for a kit each.

I have installed Herman's kit in my car with KYB gas shocks (KG4503), the blue Moss competition springs, aluminum packing, and new rubber spring collars as recommended by Herman. This setup raised my car half an inch in the rear.

Wow! What a difference! I took my car on a long test drive on bumpy country roads, city streets, and the freeway. It definitely handles a lot better. Note that the right lever shock I removed was shot, but I still think that this new setup is much better than the standard setup with lever shocks.

Below are the pictures of the kit and its installation. After seeing these pictures, I think you'll agree with me that Herman's workmanship and design are superb.

Unfortunately, Herman's supply of this kit has run out. Perhaps if there's enough demand, he can be convinced to manufacture more.

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