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WebRookie -- Resources: Freeware and Shareware Downloads

Freeware and Shareware Downloads:

  • ZDNet Software Library Download shareware, freeware and more
  • Tucows Well known site has many downloads for shareware and freeware tools such as imagemaps, compression, color pickers, HTML validators, communications, e-mail and more
  • The Free Site Links to free e-mail, anti-virus programs, fonts, graphics, counters, banners and much more listed

  • FTP Tools:
  • Phuture Net, Fetch (Mac) Shareware, free for non-profit and educational uses
  • Download from: CuteFTP Homepage
  • Download.com, WS_FTP (Windows) Download WS_FTP, freeware
  • or download from: Salt Lake Community College
  • LeechFTP New free FTP program, check it out

  • General Information on Web Design:
  • Beginners' Central - A users guide to the Internet Easy to read format with many catagories to study
  • Project Cool Way cool website full of HTML and JavaScript tutorials, reference pages from tags to color chart
  • WebDeveloper.com Keep up on news about development, tutorials, articles and visit Dr. Website

  • Technical Books, Graphics & Great Download Sites:
  • Lynda.com Essential graphic books, info and color charts online
  • O'Reilly & Associates Excellent technical books for the Internet, programming and web design
  • For fans of O'Reilly books, free "Powered by O'Reilly" graphics for your home page Powered by O'Reilly
  • Screamdesign Illustrator tutorial, tips on Photoshop and free graphics
  • Alchemy Mindworks Inc. GIF Construction Set for Windows and Graphic Workshop Classic (shareware)
  • PC Resources for Photoshop - Plug-Ins - Filter Factory Oodles of Photoshop filters for you for free
  • The Order of the Sacred Plugin and the Divine Filter An excellent place for familiar and lesser known filters and plug-ins

  • Cool Tools For Free

    Free personalized search engine

    for your site

    Define this term:

    Create free polls for your site

    HTML Editors:
  • Bare Bones Software, BBEdit Premiere HTML editing tool for the Mac (purchase)
  • Allaire, Homesite Excellent HTML editor, does not insert unwanted code, easy to edit and has many features

  • Image Maps:
  • DaveCentral MapMaker 32 is an extremely easy image map tool, download for free
  • CoffeeCup Image Mapper Image map, makes mouseovers easy, WYSIWYG editing and online help (shareware)

  • Legal Goodies:
  • Contact your local city hall for the guidelines and fees to run a web design business from your home.
  • Web Developer's Contract Swipe File Site with information on sample contracts available via the web
  • Wilson Internet Services Web Designer sample contract form
  • Contract Employee's Handbook Information for contract workers including an important legal issues page and a sample contract
  • Project Cool - Copyright Guide All about copyright on the web, keeping your creations safe, using copywritten material and a reference table of current copyright law
  • The Copyright Website What you need to know about copyright laws and the web

  • META Tag help:
  • Meta Tag builder Build your META tags for free online
  • Eee Jay Softhouse Free download of a META tag builder, build your own in seconds

  • Scripts for Download:
  • JavaScript Source Great cut and paste scripts for free
  • The Java Boutique Many Java applets listed for free
  • Matt's Script Archive Well known Perl and CGI scripts for free

  • Server Side Includes:
  • NCSA HTTPd Tutorial Server Side Tutorials
  • The CGI Resource Index: Documentation Another Server Side Tutorial

  • Tutorials:
  • HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners You can practice basic skills and see the results step by step
  • HTML Goodies Lots of tutorials written with humor and easy to follow instructions

  • Validators:
  • BiggByte Download the Infolink Link Checker, freeware version, works best for smaller websites
  • NetMechanic Free check up for HTML, broken links and use of GIF optimizer
  • Web Site Garage Check over your HTML for free one page tune-up; has extended services at a price

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