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Pete Escovedo: the Bay Area's

Godfather of Latin Jazz

     "Behind the bar was the proprietor, a young fellow who instantly ran out when we told him we wanted to hear mambo music and came back with a stack of records, mostly by Perez Prado, and put them on over the loudspeaker . . . 'More Mambo Jambo,' 'Chattanooga de Mambo,' 'Mambo Numero Ocho' . . . all these tremendous numbers resounded and flared in the gold, mysterious afternoon like sounds you expect to hear on the last day of the world and the Second Coming.  The trumpets seemed so loud I thought they could hear them clear out in the desert, where the trumpets had originated anyway.  The drums were mad.  The mambo beat is the conga beat from the Congo, the river of Africa and the world; it's really the World Beat."

                                                        Jack Kerouac

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