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02/13/04 09:41:05 PM

Much of the art on these pages comes from WP Fantasy Productions.

D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, Greyhawk, and the D&D and Greyhawk logos are full copyrighted property of Wizards Of The Coast, Inc. 2000. The information on the Greyhawk pages is also copyrighted 2000-3 property of Wizards Of The Coast, Inc.  This website is in no way a challenge to those property rights.

All information on this site that is not property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc., is copyrighted property of Dale R. Thurber., 2000-3.

You are adventurer # to sojourn these pages.



Inside, you'll find details on the Greyhawk campaign setting and its heroes, a chronicling of adventures, important NPCs, and mission information.

Download the Player Prospectus.  
(Word 2000.DOC or Acrobat .PDF)

This site is dedicated to all Dungeon Masters and my players.

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What's : 2/13/04

*I'm now a Herald-level GM for Living Greyhawk
Adventures page updated for Speaker in Dreams
*Site reorganized (Scroll and Maps page added)
*Adventures page has a new look and calendar
*Maps of Defender's Hold are uploaded.
* Character page updated with pics and bios

* Player Prospectus updated for 3.5E!

*  Thinking of joining our group?  Download the Player Prospectus.  (Word 2000.DOC or Acrobat .PDF)
Updated for 3.5 Edition


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