Reprographics FAQ

Who makes use of it?

The architectural and construction industries are major users of Reprographics technology, primarily in the area of Diazo (Blueprints, etc.) Lawyers and corporate speakers use enlargement and mounting to create convincing presentation materials that can be easily seen by members of an audience or jury. Where would advertisers be without posters and billboards? Professional mounting and laminating services are invaluable to anyone who needs a durable, easy-to-maintain display.

What is "Reprographics?"

In general, Reprographics refers to all forms of large format or large volume printing. Until the CAD revolution, most of this was either photographic or Diazotypes (Diazotype: Prints made with materials containing diazonium compounds, which are light-sensitive and commonly developed with an ammonia solution. First introduced in 1890, diazotypes are chiefly for reproducing high contrast line drawings such as architectural plans. Diazo lines are commonly blue or black, but may be other colors.)

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When will I need it?

Despite the growth of online graphics and advertising, blueprints are still the primary choice for architects and construction, and the other forms of reprographics (Large-format color copies, photographic enlargement, poster-making, and so on) are highly popular in the legal, entertainment, and advertising industries for presentation and point-of-sale purposes.

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