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PEER's primary role is to provide American citizens with environmental information obtained with taxpayers money--a property that belongs to them.

Using all available tools of law, media and politics, PEER works with and on behalf of government employees on the inside, who are courageous and idealistic enough to want to protect environmental values and scientific integrity within their agencies, and make sure that government decisions will serve the interests of all citizens.  PEER often shields government whistle-blowers by releasing environmental information, which has been withheld from the public for political reasons.

PEER's objectives are to:

*  Organize employees within local, state, and federal resource management agencies.

*  Monitor natural resource management agencies by serving as an employee-directed watch-dogs for the public interest.

*  Inform policy-makers and the public about the facts behind the environmental concerns of PEER members.

*  Defend the legal rights of public employees who speak out about environmental protection.

visit our website:  www.peer.org

PEER is effective! 

We speak for government insiders who know what is going on -- a one-of-a-kind underground network.  PEER protects their federal, state, and local government jobs, reporting for them the political lies, deceits, dirty tricks, and other wrongdoing that they have witnessed in their agencies.

Recent federal revelations have included:

*  Sec. of the Interior Gale Norton's falsified Fish and Wildlife Service data to obscure the impact of oil drilling in the Arctic Refuge on caribou birthing grounds

*  Karl Rove's influence on the distribution of Klamath River water to irrigators, killing fish to win the farmer's votes for Bush

*  EPA's assignment of criminal agents to escort its former chief Christie Todd Whitman, taking them away from environmental pollution investigations,

*  The land deals of former Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, who succeeded Whitman at EPA, with the Dept. of Interior and the Bureau of Land Management's lies about them to Congress,

PEER's National Office is at 2001 S Street, NW, Suite 570, Washington, D.C., 20009.

Telephone: 202-265-PEER (7337);  FAX  202-265-4192

email: info@peer.org; website: http://www.peer.org

PEER also has a California office, which has worked on numerous land and water protection issues, including:

* Protected a NOAA Fisheries biologist who blew the whistle on the Klamath fish kill

* Obtained strong conditions on State Water Board permit waivers for silvicultural activities and

* Continuing to press federal agencies to enforce environmentally protective rules when approving routes for use by Off-Road motorcyclists and ATVs.  

To contact California PEER:

email: karens@innercite.com

or call (530) 333-2545

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To contact California PEER:

email: karens@innercite.com

or call (530) 333-2545