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HTI Graduates: If we don't have your current email address, please email us so we can send you the most recent issue of our Newsletter for HTI Graduates.

For graduates who are in California, we have detailed information about the California law, as a result of Senate Bill 577.

You can read Randal's speech given at the wonderful Ormond McGill memorial celebration.

Announcing the 2015 publication of the updated and expanded 2nd Edition of Regression Hypnotherapy. Randal's books are on sale!

To our Graduates: Come and Deepen your Mastery of Hypnotherapy
We hope you can join us again soon!

For those of you who have not been with us over the last five years and haven't received our newsletters, we've added special topics including some sections of class taught by additional extraordinary instructors, as described on our teachers' page.

We are very grateful that you are part of our HTI family. From all of us here at HTI, we send you our warmest regards.

-Randal Churchill


Of course, continuing education has its own intrinsic value. In addition, 30 hours are required every two years for A.C.H.E. Recertification. All of our classes also give credit towards Certification Upgrade, e.g., from Hypnotherapist to Clinical Hypnotherapist. The courses also have CEU approval for various professionals including nurses, marrige and family therapists and social workers.

HTI graduates are welcome to arrange to join a new level, or come for a package of 30 hours from any previously taken class level to fulfill CEU requirements. which can be accomplished through any 3 full class days, at 10 CEUs per day. When taking less than a full level of class, the deposit is $70/day, which is credited toward tuition of $215/day. Please call or email for further information, including to get dates of specific subjects you are interested in attending.

Our Summer weekend program begins June 25 and our accelerated program begins August 6. Although many of our graduates have found further value in returning to earlier levels of class, a higher percentage take the advanced classes of Level Three and above, so we are emphasizing these classes below. See our Class Schedule page for exact dates of the earlier class levels.

Summer 2016 Weekend Program:
Level 3: August 20, 21, 24, 25, 27
Level 4: August 28, September 3, 10, 17, 18

August 2016 Accelerated Intensive:
Level 3: August 20, 21, 24, 25, 27
Level 4: August 28, 30, 31 September 2, 3

Tuition for each course is $995. Each level includes 50 hours of instruction. Classes meet 9:30 am-6:00 pm, with lunch hour starting at about 1:00 pm or 1:15 pm, at the Corte Madera Inn.

Send your deposit of $250 per level (credited toward the tuition) well in advance to guarantee your place in any of our classes.

We offer accelerated and weekend versions of 50-hour Level 5 and Level 6 classes, exclusively for HTI graduates. Either class can be taken as a means of receiving CEUs. As with our other levels, tuition is $995.

If you decide to join one of the following classes, make your reservation early to ensure your place. You can use our secure sign-up form, or reserve by mail, phone or email.

   October 2016 Accelerated Graduate Classes:
Level 5: October 15, 16, 18, 19, 22
Level 6: October 23, 25, 26, 28, 29

Autumn 2016 Graduate Class on Weekends:
Level 5: October 15, 16, 22, November 5, 6

Each 50-hour level includes demonstrations, discussions, group hypnosis processes and practice plus homework.

Level 5 Graduate Master Class

This exciting advanced course for HTI grads is even more experiential than our Level 3 and 4. There are fewer lectures and plenty of the transformational live hypnotherapy demonstrations that we're known throughout the world for, along with follow-up discussions, unique group hypnosis processes, and various practice sessions.

Randal is your instructor for almost half of the course. Cheryl Canfield teaches substantial portions, including using her expertise as a wellness counselor for a section on health issues. Lyn Hilliard Moreno teaches hypnotherapy skills for working with grief. We are also pleased to have psychologist/hypnotherapist Terry Stout sharing his rare expertise on the Inka Medicine Wheel and its philosophy and relevance to hypnotherapy.

Demonstration and practice themes include parts therapy, hypnotherapy for life transitions, and further explorations of regression and Hypnotic DreamworkTM. Demonstrational Gestalt is augmented with practicing a new Gestalt process. There will be a time to brainstorm about your clients, and a marketing strategies discussion.

Certification and a diploma with the embossed HTI seal as a Regression Specialist is awaarded at the conclusion of your 5th level. Also, as always, CEUs apply for hypnotherapists, nurses, marriage and family therapists and social workers.

Level 6 Clinical Master Class

This course leads to further mastery of the field and Clinical level Certification. It continues an emphasis on our signature comprehensive integrations of uncovering and transformational methods.

Randal is your instructor for almost half of the course. His demonstrations delve deeper into regression, hypno-healing and advanced ideomotor methods. Cheryl, the other main instructor, includes explorations of spiritual awakening, cord-cutting, and steps toward inner peace. Lyn Hilliard Moreno demonstrates shaping the body-mind, and physician/hypnotherapist Michael Collins' weight and optimal health section includes health status assessment and pattern recognition exercise.

Besides the live demonstrations, we will present a powerful filmed session from our archives in which Randal uses delicate ideomotor methods to identify and eliminate a false memory. We also show film segments of the hypno-surgical methods of John Butler, and Gaye Wilson teaches hypnotic preparation for successful surgery.

Sometimes we have special guest instructor Serina Mak from Hong Kong to teach Tibetan Singing Bowls Hypnotherapy. This includes demonstrations and a mini-concert group hypnosis.

Time is reserved in this class for brainstorming about challenging clients, and for a class member hypnotherapy demonstration and critique. Your skills are further honed by the advanced practice sessions designed for this level.

If you are completing your 6th level with HTI, a Clinical Hypnotherapy diploma is awarded for this course and you are eligible to become A.C.H.E. Certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. If this is your 7th level, you graduate with an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate of Achievement.

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Comments Regarding Continuing Education
     "My definition of a successful practice? It's all about being effective in making change…and from that, getting referrals. And that means having the very best strategies for your clients in your toolbox of ideas. I found no better way to access that level of professionalism than among successful peers in Randal's advanced classes. These classes have a wealth of ideas and practical solutions condensed into a relatively short time that can improve a practice overnight.
     "Continuing education is essential for an experienced practioner to keep growing, and that was evidenced for me by my renewed enthusiasm and motivation when applying the experience to my practice.
      "I look at it this way…if these great masters choose to associate on a professional basis for so many years, that's evidence enough that the advanced classes are well worth the time and effort. They were for me. I got a lot more referrals to prove it.
-Larry John DeMerritt, Certified Hypnotherapist, Cameron Park, CA

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