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The Value of Hypnotherapy Training

The rapidly expanding field of contemporary hypnotherapy has a vast variety of safe, powerful applications.

Hypnosis can dramatically help with improving performance, health, confidence, relationships, sports, concentration, recall and creativity; chronic or acute pain control; overcoming habits, addictions, fears and phobias; self-discovery, stress reduction, healthier self-expression, and therapy for past traumas. Compared with traditional therapeutic modalities, the results of a relatively brief series of hypnotherapy sessions are often faster and more effective and lasting. No wonder why so many professionals already in the healing arts are implementing hypnosis within their practices.

For those intending to pursue a career in hypnotherapy, this exciting profession is recognized by the United States Department of Labor including listing in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Professional hypnotherapists may emphasize private consultations or classes or both. They may specialize or have a general practice. Our school provides Certification and diplomas, eligibility for further Certification with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and complies with all state and federal laws. HTI has been approved for an exemption from the California State Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, and has multiple business licenses plus a license with the State Board of Equalization. Professional hypnotherapists may emphasize private consultations or classes or both. They may specialize or have a general practice.

Hypnosis is a very effective adjunct to any therapeutic specialty. Many professionals in the health and counseling fields have taken our training and successfully integrated hypnotism into their work. Examples include: physicians, dentists, chiropractors, psychologists, social workers, marriage counselors, nurses, massage practitioners, electrologists and physical therapists. Our program has various major approvals, including for Continuing Education Units with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and Board of Registered Nursing.

Our courses have also proven to be valuable for the ministerial and teaching professions, child welfare, optometry, and coaching, and for students preparing for a career in the "helping professions". In addition, the course is open to those who wish to study hypnosis for other purposes such as improving business skills, personal therapy or research, or developing an avocation or a part-time or retirement career.

Here is a sample from over 1000 glowing testimonials on file.

"I suppose everyone has their own special role model. Fourteen years ago Randal Churchill began to metamorphosize into my role model, my mentor, my spirit guide, my friend, my love. At the onset of that chance meeting, a compulsive gambler who peered through a 3-pack-a-day smokescreen at playing cards that his whiskey red eyes could not decipher, began a transformation that only the most talented instructor could instigate. I was a perfect test case to demonstrate the merits of his arsenal of training modalities.

"It worked! Somewhere along the way towards becoming a skilled and very enthusiastic CHT with my own practice, all the ugly gave way to beauty, the ignorance yielded to intelligence, and the helplessness became power.

"Unexpected perks arising from this relationship include:
  • The resurrection of my lovely wife Karen, who had been diagnosed with full-blown multiple sclerosis, and is healthy and completely symptom free 14 years later after Randal's session in class began her immediate recovery.
  • A total elimination of imminent surgery on my cervical vertebrae (through sessions with Randal and HTI graduate Charlie Simon).
"My investment in HTI has given my family, my practice, and my life a tremendous return that will continue to be felt long into the future."

Kenn McGee, CHt,
Modesto, CA

"Emphasizing comprehensive solutions to achieve lasting change"

An introduction to the field of hypnotherapy, excerpted from Randal Churchill's award-winning book
 Become the Dream

A Recent Acclerated Class

A few of our students from a recent accelerated Level 4 class joined in this spontaneous photo during a class break. Students pictured here came to this class from various states from Hawaii to Delaware, and from Singapore and Canada. For further class photos see our photo gallery.

     "I have found the integrity and depth of wisdom that is taught in the course to be really exceptional. Randal and the other instructors are A-plus, not only in teaching and demonstrating hypnotherapy, but also in so many other aspects of healing, awareness and growth. The personal growth for me has been absolutely amazing!"
-Carol McSwiney, Certified Hypnotherapist, Capetown, South Africa
     "Little did I know the vast distances I would span and the profound changes I would make by taking this training. I'm excited to realize that as far as I have come, my journey is just beginning. I have found every level, every exercise, speaker, lecture and demonstration excellent and presented with the utmost skill and love. It has been an astonishing two months that has changed my life in ways I am still discovering."
-Kim Balin, Certified Hypnotherapist, Phoenix, AZ

Hypnosis: Weaving a Common Thread Through the Healing Arts
"The subconscious is the key. To get powerful, lasting, fairly rapid results in therapy, it is essential that the therapist's training and experience include a wide range of methods to reach and affect the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the seat of the emotions, imagination, memory, habits and intuition. It also regulates our autonomic body functions, is the part of the mind that dreams, and is the pathway to the superconscious. It is the very core or essence of how we experience ourselves and the world. Meaningful personal transformation, whether in or out of therapy, results from a shift in the subconscious mind.

"Through hypnosis we have access to the subconscious. In fact, during waking states, the only way to reach and change major set beliefs and emotional responses of the subconscious mind is during experiences that are hypnotic. Hypnosis is an altered state beyond ordinary consciousness, but a natural state that can occur spontaneously. In addition, there are many ways hypnosis can be induced and deepened. Once in hypnosis during therapy, there is a vast range of healing applications to harness and transform the subconscious. Learning more about hypnotherapy will substantially enhance the skills of any health, counseling or teaching professional. All of the best therapists often use hypnotic methods, whether they use or understand that semantic or not."

--Randal Churchill, Director, Hypnotherapy Training Institute

Churchill's Recipe for Outstanding Therapy

1. Client: motivated. Good work can always be done no matter how challenging the issues, when the client is highly motivated, in the circumstances outlined here.
2. Therapist: compassionate and centered. The Buddhist concept of detached compassion fits well here. The therapist cares and does his/her best possible work, but does not try to do the client's work. The therapist does not get caught up in the drama, but is totally present and supportive - flexible, intuitive and creative, rather than rigidly adhering to a system of techniques.
3. Together: good rapport, enthusiasm, and positive yet realistic mental expectancy. Therapy includes working comprehensively with the whole person, including underlying issues.
4. Therapist training/experience: a solid foundation that includes a wide variety of methods to reach and affect the subconscious (i.e., hypnosis).

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From a physician in Cyprus
     "It's been one year already since our wonderful training. Although I am very busy with my Pediatric practice, I do Hypnotherapy sessions after hours and on weekends, and I truly enjoy it very much. In fact I use the extracts from my training in Hypnotherapy in my every day practice (and even in my daily personal life). I help people control their weight, face and control their fears and panic attacks, strengthen their egos and face non organic sexual difficulties…. I strongly recommend that every doctor must receive training in Hypnotherapy.

    "The following case was very fulfilling to me: I had this patient with panic attacks and fear to enter an airplane. After the first session she was successful to become pregnant, something she and her husband wanted very much and were trying to accomplish for more than a year. She was able to stop all psychotropic medicines she was on. After the fourth session she enjoyed traveling by plane all over Europe. Finally I gave her a fifth session for childbirth a few weeks prior to delivery, and after a very pleasant (as she describes) delivery, she gave birth to a nice little girl who is now my patient!"
-Nicolaos Christoforou, MD,
Limassol, Cyprus

Experiencing a Hypnotic Regression