Shipping Policy

I put forth an honest effort to provide the best service that I can, and ship in a timely manner. Please take note of my LPF reputation...

When you order, I will always verify the shipping address with you. I like to just 'copy and paste' to my label. This way, there will be no mistakes...

My shipping charges are based on PayPal fees plus postage. So for the larger orders, we'll just add up the parts, and add 3% of the total, plus what ever the postage is.

I do not have a site with a shopping cart set up. So it's just communication through LPF private messaging, or e-mail...

99.9% of the packages that I ship using the cheapest method (First Class mail), are all delivered with no problems at all...

For U.S. buyers, the packages will be shipped with delivery confirmation.

Unless you would like to pay extra for some special insured shipping method, you will take responsibility in the unlikely event that the package is lost.
(very rare with delivery confirmation, if ever at all)

In the very rare event that a U.S. package with delivery confirmation got lost, and the post office tracking shows that it did not get delivered. Then I will share the loss with you. But this will not likely happen with delivery confirmation. Which I always use for U.S. shipping.

Out of U.S. buyer assumes responsibility at that price. It should not be a problem though... (I would mark the package as a gift, with a description of 'LED Flashlight, Lens Assembly, Aluminum Bushing, or whatever the case may be', with a low value of $15)

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I can accept payment for the 'Heatsinks' and 'Build Kits' through either PayPal, Google, or Western Union.
I will accept U.S. Postal Money Orders as well.
E-mail me and I can send you an invoice if you like.