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"It is awesome - one of our most popular exhibits."

Alex Barnett, Director, National Space Center, Leicester, UK

National Space Center, Leicester, UK 2001

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Alexandra Barnett had a dream. Today that dream has taken form as one of the worlds premiere  space centers. It was our privilege to help with the largest fourth generation Stellarium yet produced.

The NSC map is the only European Stellarium on display. The visitor sees the full sphere of 524 stars surrounding  our Sun.  They float silently in space without distraction. The 360° windows allow free movement for omnidirectional viewing.

The Stellarium is designed to maximize the number of stars within the available space. The majesty and wonder of the stars can be experienced strongly in this serene and simple setting.

European stargazers and space enthusiasts will love the NSC. Americans will find Leicester delightful, with midevil buildings, a castle, and a space center as modern as next week. Oh yes, they even have an excellent mexican food restaurant!

Below: The National Space Centre’s Stellarium room during construction.  The light baffle wall is seen inside.

Right: The finished NSC Stellarium in place.  The protective sheet over the windows was peeled back to inspect the star field after installation.  All of us had to resist the urge to completely remove the sheet, which protects the polycarbonate windows during construction.

NSC Stellarium in place